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Analysis: HFC - Stand Your Ground III 04.06.07 E-mail
Hawaii MMA Events

Analysis by Breezy - MMAHawaii Member

People have to remember, as a fighter you KNOW what your getting into each time you step into the ring. Knockouts happen. But in order to keep MMA going in Hawaii fans cannot be acting like they did on Friday night.

I really enjoyed the fights. It was my first time to the HFC: Stand Your Ground event. But thanks to fighters corner, I bought some tickets and had a blast. I saw a great deal of head hunting, not many (if any) body shots thrown. But all in all it was a great night, the DJ kept the music going all night, I don’t think any other events have done that lately. Most seem to play entrance songs and that’s about it.

145 lb Championship Pro bout
Donald Gonzales (BJ Penn's MMA) vs. Glenn Mesiona (Westside Connection)
The seats are now empty but who ever was there was standing. In the 1st round Gonzales backed Mesiona up and landed a huge left kick to his head putting Mesiona down on the canvas.
Gonzales by TKO

A teammate/ friend of Mesiona was upset by this and jumped in the ring to start a fight with Gonzales. Ladies also got into the action.


170 lb. Pro MMA Championship Bout
Nasser Lewis (808 Fight Factory) vs. Tommy Lawhorn (Freedom Fighters)
In the 1st round Lawhorn slamed Lewis, but Lewis was able to use the ropes and escape. Lewis ended up on top but Lawhorn fliped Lewis. Lewis was able to sink a choke.
Lewis by guillotine

185 lb Pro MMA Championship Bout
Bob Ostovich (Jesus is Lord) vs. Mike Creech (Freedom Fighters)
The seats even more empty now. In round 1 Ostovich gets the takedown to start the action. Creech kept his legs high like rubber guard and did some good striking from his back. In the 2nd round they started off in the clinch where Ostovich landed some good shots, then took Creech down. Creech eventually ended up on top and the action went outside the ring, the referee tried to reset them in the middle of the ring bot Ostovich seemed unable to continue.
Creech by TKO

170 lb Amateur MMA Championship Bout
Koa Ramos (Eastsidaz) vs. Chayne Todani (808 Fight Factory)
I almost thought this was the main event, =) the crowd was standing the whole fight. In the 1st round Ramos took Todani down quick, but just as quick they are back on there feet. Then of course right back to the ground where Todani was unable to sink a choke. Ramos made his way on top and unleashes some ground and pound. In the 2nd round Ramos took the fight right to the ground and sunk a choke.
Ramos by Rear naked choke


135 lb Amateur MMA Championship Bout
Chris Williams (House of Thunder) vs. Russell Doane (808 Fight Factory)
In the 1st round Williams gets the guillotine quick and the fight is stopped.
Williams by Guillotine

145 lb Amateur Championship Bout
Chris Tennis (Da Hui Fight Club) vs. Zach Rapal (Fighter's Union)
In the 1st round Rapal showed off his kickboxing skills, but Tennis was able to trap Rapal in the corner and landed some knees and took Rapal down. In the 2nd round Rapal landed some combos and stunned Tennis then tried a flying knee that didnt land. Tennis then landed a nice straight right. In the 3rd round Tennis dropped Rapal (the crowd favorite) and pounds him. They ended up tangled in the ropes which seem to be a stroke of luck for Rapal. They were then stood up and circled for the rest of the round.
Tennis by unanimous decision

Exhibition Kick Boxing Match
William Armstrong (Uprising Fight Team) vs. Tony Meosi (West Side Connection)
In the 1st round both start off landing some nice leg kicks, Armstrong threw some wild spinning back fists while Meosi answered with some nice counters. In the 2nd round the crowd was on there feet, once again the corner man had some issues and came to the other fighters corner. Once the action started Armstrong held Meosi’s head but Meosi was still able to land some shots. The crowd started chanting “Tony”, Meosi then landed a huge shot to end the round. Round 3 saw both fighters come out cautious, Armstrong kicks and misses then falls to the ground. The shorter Meosi has no problem getting to the inside and landing some shots to end the round.
No winner

155 lb Amateur MMA Bout
Duke Saragosa (808 Fight Factory) vs. Luis Parra (Free Lance)
In the 1st round they start off in the clinch. Parra landed a great knee then took Saragosa down. Parra unable to sink the choke, Saragosa ended up on top and finished the round with ground and pound. By the second round a lot of chairs started to empty. In the 2nd round Saragosa was able to finish Parra with a knee strike.
Saragosa by KO

What I am wondering now is didn’t Saragosa fight Pro in Gladiator Challenge on March 10th? Was this fight really amateur? Someone please clear this up for me.

145 lb Amateur MMA Bout
Bryson Hansen (Team MMAD) vs. Mark Tejun (Bulls Penn)
In the 1st round Hansen takes Tejun down quickly, Tejun makes his way to his feet only to get slammed for a second time. Hansen takes Tejuns back but couldn’t quite sink in a choke. Back to there feet Hansen landed some big shots. In round 2 Tejun came out with some bombs of his own, the fighters fell through the ropes and were reset, once again Hansen unable to sink a choke. Hansen stays on top in side mount to end the round.
Hansen by unanimous decision

185 lb Amateur MMA Bout
John Joao (Uprising Fight Team) vs. Michael Brightmon(Free Lance)

In the 1st round Brighten showed his strength early by taking Joao to the ground. But back on their feet Joao seemed to have the better exchanges. Brighten realizing that, took Joao down to the ground again. When the round ended Joao’s corner was upset and came over to Brightens corner. Words exchanged and back to the action we went. In the 2nd round Joao came out swinging wild and Brighten slammed Joao again. Not much action for this round.
Brighten by unanimous decision

170 lb Pro Kick Boxing
Bryson Kamaka (808 Fight Factory) vs. John Vistante Jr. (Team Sit You Down)
Everyone inched towards the ring for this fight. Both fighters coming from the Westside. In the 1st round Kamaka came out guns loaded backing Vistante up and landed some heavy shots knocking Vistante out.
Kamaka by TKO


175 lb Amateur MMA Bout
Jesse Cabana (Uprising Fight Team) vs. Travis Coyle (Freedom Fighters)
In round 1 Coyle and wasted no time taking Cabana to the ground. The fight stayed on the ground most of the ground with Coyle working the body. No real big shots, but wearing just trying to wear Cabana down. In round 2 Cabana landed some nice shots, but Coyle quickly came back with a flury of his own then took Cabana down. Once on the ground Coyle inched the action towards his corner where he mounted Cabana and finished him.
Coyle by TKO

155 lb Amateur MMA
Matt Comaou(Team MMAD) vs. Joe Rivera (Hawaii Fight Club)
In round 1 Comaou came out with a huge slam and was able to get full mount. Rivera eventually made his way to his feet but Comaou took him back down and finished Rivera with ground and pound from full mount.
Comaou by TKO

Rob Hesia I know you are reading, great job with both of your fighters. Great takedowns by both. =)

225 Amateur MMA Bout
Chris Bernard (Uprising Fight Team) vs. Jethrow Parks (Freedom Fighters)
In round 1 both started with leg kicks but Bernard was able to get Parks back while standing, both fighters fell to the ground where Bernard sunk it in deeper putting Parks to sleep. This caused Mike Onzuka to run into the ring.
Bernard by rear naked choke


75 lb Stand and Ground Championship Bout
2x1-1/2 min kickboxing and 1x2-1/2 min Submission Grappling
Kai Boy Kamaka (808 Fight Factory) vs. Justin Kahalewai (Papakolea Fight Team)
In round 1 both fighters came out swinging. In round 2 Kamaka came out with his hands down but eventually threw Kahalewai down. Round 3 most of the action was in kai’s corner but I couldn’t see much since Kamaka Sr. was standing on the edge of the ring blocking the view.
Kamaka by unanimous decision

125 Stand And Ground Championship Bout
2x1-1/2 min kickboxing and 1x2-1/2 min Submission Grappling
Julio Moreno (Bulls Penn) vs. Jonah Vistante (Team Sit You Down)
Vistante much taller then Moreno but in the 1st round Moreno had no problem getting in close. Vistante did some weird flying maneuver but neither fighter had the edge in this round. Round 2 was different though, both threw big shots but Moreno landing the cleaner shots. Once separated Moreno landed a few more shots to end the round. In the 3rd round Moreno stalked Vistante, it looked as though Vistante was avoiding this round all together. Moreno eventually got the take down and stayed on top of Vistante to end the round.
Moreno by unanimous decision

155 lb Amateur Kick Boxing Championship
Ikaika Martin (House of Thunder) vs. Shaison Laupola (Team Ruthless)
In round 1 both fighters came out cautious but once Laupola threw a kick Martin unleashed a flury of punches. Martin then landed a solid leg kick causing Laupola to lose his balance momentarily, but Laupola landed a nice kick himself to end the round and get the fans cheering for more. In the 2nd round Laupola decided to stay on the outside and work the legs of Martin. Martin had a few fluries during the round but nothing significant. Round 3 seemed to be less action, a few kicks and a few punches.
Laupola by majority decision

What I am wondering now is if Laupola just won the Amateur 155lb belt, if he fights Punishment in Paradise on May 12, does he lose his Amateur belt? I would think since he is entering a “Professional Tournament” at 155lbs, whether he wins the cash or not the tournament is FOR money. So it’s my guess he would lose the Amateur belt he just won. Can someone please let me know, I am unsure that’s why. =)

170 lb Amateur Kick Boxing
Zane Kamaka (Guts and Glory) vs. Kona Ke (Team Ruthless)
Kamaka definitely the taller fighter. Round 1 starts with both fighters cautious of each others skills. Once the action starts Kamaka landed some nice leg kicks and followed them up with punches. Ke showed some good hand skills of his own. In the 2nd round the fighters did a total 180 and came out with guns blazing. Kamaka did a good job of keeping the fight on the outside with some nice front leg kicks. Nice exchange to end the round. In round 3 Ke looked like he was looking for the big knockout but Kamaka landed a nice left that put Ke on the canvas. Ke was unaffected by it and stood up mad at himself for letting that happen.
Kamaka by unanimous decision

Kamaka is a great athlete with a bright future. If he hones his skills even more, look for some great things to come from this exciting 17 year old.

165 lb Kick Boxing
Daniel Kalanai (Team Sit You Down) vs Fatu Tuitasi (808 Fight Factory)
In the 1st round Kalanai came out landing shots while Tuitasi held on to neutralize the shots. Once separated both were cautious but Kalanai landed the better of the punches. In round 2 Tuitasi came out and ducked under all of Kalanai’s shots, definitely a better round for Tuitasi. Whenever they clinched Tuitasi seemed to spin Kalanai to avoid his shots. In round 3 Kalanai landed some punches while Tuitasi tried some knees, it didn’t really work for Tuitasi. Both fighters very tired afer throwing heavy shots the whole fight.
Kalanai by unanimous decision

145 lb Kick Boxing
Bronson Mohika (808 Fight Factory) vs. Desmond Lau (Team Sit You Down)
In round 1 Lau came out with some solid kicking, but Mohika had an answer for that. Mohika worked both sides of Lau’s body with a nice display of footwork. Then Mohika landed a nice spinning back kick, Lau leaned forward and Mohika threw a huge kick almost knocking Lau out. In round 2 Mohika attacked Lau with more vicious kicking, he had no trouble letting his legs fly. Mohika ended Lau’s night with a nice kick to the head.
Mohika by TKO


Mohika has a huge future if he continues to kick the way he does. It’s like 3 or more in a row, this kid is awesome. He attacks both sides of the body, not giving his opponent a chance. Reminds me of Tyson Nam. Mohika vs. Nam?…..That would be a great fight.

145 lb Kick Boxing
Colin McKenzie (Team Ruthless) vs. Dale Elkhill (Hawaii Fight Club)
Both fighters are tall, so there was no disadvantage there. In the 1st round McKenzie landed first but Elkhill had the crisper punches. McKenzie seemed to be a little wild with his throws, but made up for it with his nice high kick. In round 2 McKenzie came out working the leg kicks, slowing down Elkhill. There were some nice exchanges before McKenzie did a flying I don’t know what to call it. It was between a knee and a kick. In round 3 Mckenzie did more flying maneuvers, nothing landing though. He was able to land a nice high kick before going to the ground in pain. I didn’t see a kick so I am unsure what it was from. Back to the action McKenzie landed a looping hook then Elkhill came back with some knees to end the round.
McKenzie by unanimous decision

145 lb Amateur Kick Boxing
Keoni Lino (Guts and Glory) vs. Robo (Team Sit You Down)
In the 1st round Robo came out kicking while Lino decided to counter with punches. Robo seemed to have cleaner punches and the better of the exchanges. In the 2nd round Robo was the aggressor again but midway through the round the momentum changed into Lino’s favor where he held on to it till the end of the round. In round 3 Lino came out and landed some nice straight lefts and was able to stun Robo. Robo was able to hold on and come back with punches trapping Lino in the corner.
Robo by majority decision

150 lb Kickboxing
John Bernard
(Team Ruthless) vs BJ Cruz (House of Thunder)
In the 1st round Cruz came with some solid kicks before unloading a flury of punches. Bernard unable to throw any decent strikes due to an elusive Cruz. In the 2nd round Bernard landed a nice right then stalked Cruz and got a knock out.

Bernard by KO

100 lb Kickboxing
Nainoa Mesiona (808 Fight Factory) vs Isaan Hatori (Team Sit You Down)
In the 1st round Hatori came out letting the legs fly, but couldn’t keep Mesiona back. Mesiona was able to land a nice spinning back fist. In the 2nd round Mesiona came out using counters and jabs but Hatori came back and was able to back Mesiona up and unleash a load of punches. Surprisingly Mesiona was able to sneak in another spinning back fist. In the 3rd round Hatori got fouled to start but came back with a flying kick and stalked Mesiona till the round ended.
Hatori by majority decision

100 lb Kick Boxing
Kevin Villanueva (House of Thunder) vs. Kanaloa Cooks (Team Sit You Down)
In the 1st round both came out with high kicks but Villanueva had the better of the exchanges. In the 2nd round Cooks came out much better while Villanueva switched stances continuously. In the 3rd round Villanueva seem to come out looking for a KO, but instead Cooks landed a nice kick to end Villanueva’s night.
Cooks by KO

In Summary:
Fight of the night: Koa Ramos vs. Chayne Todani (Had everyone standing, inching to the ring)
Fighter of the night: Bronson Mohika (Awesome technique)
Upset of the night: Donald Gonzales (Big island boy brought it to oahu)
Knockout of the night: Bryson Kamaka (Crazy Knockout)
Submission of the night: Chris Bernard (Big boy wasn't letting go)
Gym of the night: Team Ruthless (Strong showing)

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