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Source: Breezy

This was my first time to the O’Lounge event, but wow was it exciting. I never expected the cage to be so small, but I think it played a role in how the fights played out. If you were in the ring, you couldn’t really circle. And that has it’s pros and cons. It kind of pushes the action, but from a technical point of view it doesn’t allow you to circle out of trouble or use many angles.

More important though then the size of the cage was the action. You saw it all, knockouts, submissions, decisions. There was great technique shown by the newer fighters, a war between Barnard and Williams, fantastic knockouts by Laupola, Ferreira, Povio to name some. And for those who couldn’t see the cage, there were screens in strategic areas. It was an awesome show.

Between the action there was a great performance by Kristylez, and not to mention a lot of support for the Westside fighters by none other then John Vistante.

Analysis, the fights are not in order sorry for that.

155lbs - Amateur Kickboxing

Shaison Laupola vs. William Bohol
Laupola came out pretty relaxed and landed some nice shots that seem to get the fire going in Bohol. Laupola showed great footwork. In round 2 Laupola started it off with a nice high kick that ended the night for Bohol.X1 Fight Club Meets Night Club
Laupola by KO (high kick)

185lbs - Amateur MMA

Michael Brightman vs. Kevin ? (took fight on 15 minutes notice)
Brightman went right after Kevin. He landed a shot and took Kevin down. Brightman was able to get full mount and do some minor ground and pound. Eventually the ref stood them up but Kevin was no match for Brightmans strength and ended up getting taken down again. In round 2 they exchanged some shots and Brightman slammed Kevin again. This time Brightman got the mount and unleashed some shots which prompted the ref to stop the fight.
Brightman by TKO (strikes)

145lbs - Amateur Kickboxing

John Barnard vs. Chris Willems

Willems didn’t want to touch gloves, instead came out with a flying knee backing up Barnard. But it didn’t stop Barnard from coming forward. Williams landed some nice spinning high kicks but Barnard able to block. Willems got a Muay Thai clinch and landed some knees, the ref stopped them and they were back at it in the center of the ring. Round 2 started how round 1 ended. Two warriors just throwing. But again the ref stopped the action when Williems landed a bunch of knees. Back in the middle of the ring Williems landed a huge kick to the side of Barnard’s head, but Barnard still didn’t back up.

"FIGHT OF THE NIGHT" by breezy

Since the ref didn’t give Barnard a standing count then I don’t see why he stopped the action when Williams was unleashing the knees. ??? But this fight was like Ward vs. Gatti. Unbelievable heart by both fighters. I think it should have went another round, so someone walked out the winner.

250lbs Amateur Kickboxing

Marvelous Tevaga vs. Justin Puaoi
Round 1 showed how much technique both fighters had. Neither really had the advantage but very exciting round. Round 2 was twice the excitement, loads of shots were thrown, great conditioning by both fighters to throw as many shots as they did.
Tevaga by decision

20lbs Amateur MMA

Bruce Povio vs. Chris Bernard
This fight started with huge cheers. But fighters were cautious not to get caught. But Povio’s strength showed and he got Bernard to the ground. Up against the cage Bernard was unable to defend himself prompting the ref to stop the fight.
Povio by TKO (strikes)

195lbs Pro MMA

Derek Thornton vs. Kenneth Gusman
Gusman went for the shoot from the start. He took Thornton down and got side control. Gusman worked his way to full mount but Thornton survives to end the round. In round 2 Thornton came out making sure not to get taken down again. Thornton able to keep Gusman on all fours and land enough strikes for the ref to call the fight.
Thornton by TKO (strikes)

170lbs Amateur MMA

Steve Farmer vs. Robin Clark
The fight started with Farmer getting a take down, he worked to get side control. Eventually he was able to mount Clark and unleash punches. Clark tried immediately to explode back to his feet but Farmer got him in an armbar.
Farmer by submission (armbar)

My view was blocked by some people, but I am pretty sure it was an armbar. If I am wrong please let me know.

175lbs Amateur XMA

Kona Ke vs. Kyle Kaahanui (took fight on 15 minutes notice, I think this is the last name)
Both fighters came out swinging, but Ke with the stronger hands. He dropped Kaahanui twice.
Ke by KO (punch)

Give Credit to Kaahanui, if the cage was larger he might have been able to circle away from the stalking Ke. But no doubt great hands by Ke.

Open weight Amateur Kickboxing

Moses Keamo vs. Junior Sua
Keamo came out swinging for the fences trying to get a KO early. Sua had no room to circle and was unable to get away from Keamo’s huge hands.
Keamo by KO

Keamo has great power and speed. He outweighed Sua by almost 75lbs.

Open Weight Amateur Kickboxing

Jake Palelei vs. Kai Keamo
Both came out swinging, not many kicks thrown. Hands down Palelei the better boxer. Keamo loaded up but could not hit the elusive Palelei. In the second round Palelei landed some nice combos, near the end of the round both fighters visibly tired but Palelei kept pressing Keamo.
Palelei by unanimous decision

240lbs Amateur MMA

Hans Wells vs. Doug Hiu
Hiu went straight for a takedown and unleashed a little ground and pound, which got the ref to stop the fight.
Hiu by TKO (strikes)

140lbs Amateur MMA

Colin Mckenzie vs. Chaize Schmidt
Mckenzie came out utilizing a lot of kicks, while Schmidt was patient and waited for his shot. When the shot came it backed Mckenzie up. Mckenzie tried to sink in a guillotine but Schmidt survived and they were stood back up. Back on the feet Schmidt landed some shots again to back up Mckenzie and the round ended.
Schmidt by majority decision

175lbs Exhibition MMA - MAIN EVENT

Josh Ferreira vs. John Joao
From the start of this bout leather was flying, but Ferreira got a beautiful slam against Joao. Ferreira had no problem getting the mount and was able to finish the fight.
Ferreira by TKO (strikes)

If I am not mistaking, Ferreira is pro and Joao was amateur at the stand your ground event. So it’s my assumption that this was his pro debut??



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