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Source: Brennan Kamaka -PIP Promoter



New Rules affective May 17,2007


If you want to fight in Punishment In Paradise these are the guidelines you must follow there are no exceptions to the rules whatsoever. You don't have the following by weigh ins you won't participate.


1. All fighters will make me a copy of their I.D


2. All fighters must have a Physical that their in good health. Every physical will be good for a year. I also will hold a copy for myself.


3. By Jan 1, 2008 All fighters will be required to have a H.I.V test that will be good for a year. I will hold that copy


4. Fighters that don't make weigh ins will not get a chance to weigh in next day.


I have taught long a hard and listen to the people with their suggestion. They're right we need to start doing these things for the athletes.


Also this is a step to get them ready because when they fight in the Mainland they will need this plus more. So this is a step to better our sport.


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