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Destiny MMA Delivers Some of the Best Match Ups of 2015 E-mail
Local MMA News

By Bryanna “Pink Ranger” Fissori



April 11, 2015 - Honolulu, Hawaii  - Though a number of scheduled bouts did not make it into the cage, the fighters that showed up for Destiny MMA Na Koa IX were undoubtedly ready to perform. The six-fight undercard was quite possibly the best undercard this year in all of Hawaii’s MMA events, with two of the bouts determined by spit decision.  This was not a night to “skip the undercard.” These were all great match-ups, and fans can anticipate that many of these fighters will be climbing the ranks quickly in their weight divisions






The main card was staked with dynamic fighters extending beyond the shores of Oahu. Even UFC veteran Nick Diaz was spoted in the crowd tonight with Destiny MMA promoter Jay Bolos. 


Please see the results below for details on the individual bouts. Mahalo again to Destiny MMA for another great show.


Main Card

Pro Welterweight Title Defense

Zane Kamaka (Hawaii Elite MMA) def Colin Reuter (Alaska) via RNC in round 1 to retain title

The evening’s main event was a quick bout with a lot of action. Less than a minute into the round Kamaka caught the end of a kick to set Reuter off balance for the takedown. Kamaka ended up in the guard of Reuter, which proved to be a dangerous position as Reuter worked for the arm bar before transitioning to the triangle. Kamaka defended and in the process of passing the guard was able to take Reuter’s back and secure a one-handed rear naked choke for the finish.


Toby Misech (Hilo, HI) v Gabe Solorio (Seattle, WA) – KO

Solorio came out with intent to prove that his heavy hands could keep up with the speed of “Too-Quick”  Misech, who quickly demonstrated his kicks could be just as fast. Solario put heavy pressure on Misech against the cage, issuing knees to the legs and body of the Hawaii fighter. The two jockeyed for position before coming off the cage for more stand up work. Feeling some pressure with his back to the cage, Misech landed a heavy overhand left for the KO.


Pro Welterweight

Maki Pitolo (WOMMA) def Adam Smith (Spokane, WA) via  1st round Reverse Guillotine Choke (AKA- Gangsta Maki Choke)

Exciting does not begin to describe this fight. The dynamic Washington native started off the round by running from his corner straight at Pitolo to deliver a dramatic flying knee attempt. The scramble that ensued from the cage to the mat was a blur of strength, technique and desperation. Pitolo secured position, but before he could do any real settling in Smith exploded for the reversal. The grappling match continued until Pitolo took mount and was able to reach behind the head of Smith with one arm underhooked for the win via reverse guillotine choke, or what one official referred to as the “Gangsta Maki Choke.”


Martin Day (Hawaii Elite MMA) def Stu Jones via KO

Taking the fight on one-day notice, Jones was game against the aggressive and experience opponent. Day showed very technical kickboxing skills with a noticeable Muay Thai flare, while Jones held ground much like a boxer. Overwhelmed by a heavy and well-placed kick to the body, Jones dropped and was unable to recover before the 1st round bell.


Pro Featherweight

Ed Thommes (Hawaii Elite MMA) def Dustin Winter (Spokane, WA) via 1st round TKO

Thommes, the shorter of the two fighters was patient at the bell, waiting to see what Winter would bring to the table. The two quickly ended up against the cage, with Thommes winning the wall work battle using heavy pressure. Winters had a takedown attempt that could have placed Thommes in an arm wrenching position, but Thommes was able to recover, showing off his grappling technical work as he secured position for ground and pound, which he used to finish Winter just seconds before the end of the round.


Flyweight Pro

Ian Delacuesta (Hawaii Elite MMA) v Jacob Smith (Spokane, WA) via 1st round Kimura

Smith came in throwing a number of leg kicks to open up the round, though it became quickly clear that he was on the lookout for takedowns.  Smith drove Delacuesta to the cage early in the round before putting the Hawaii fighter on his back. Delacuesta remained composed as he used technique to get off his back and up to his feet. The fight ended up back on the ground fairly quickly and Delacuesta secured the kimura for the win in round one.


Pro Lightweight

Makana Fronda (Hawaii Elite MMA) def Nate Harris (Molokai) by 2nd round TKO

Round one of this lightweight bout was a stand up battle heavily laden with clinch work and knees. In the last minute Harris was rocked with a punch that landed him on his back. He chose to stay there, baiting Fronda for ground work. Fronda instead used the opportunity for kicks to the legs of Harris leading into a scramble that ended the round with Fronda in position for a guillotine choke. Changing the opening pace in the second round, the fight quickly went to the mat with Harris in top position. Fronda reversed but had trouble stabilizing the position before being put back down on the mat. Fronda was able to stand but only for a moment before Harris dropped down to the mat, again asking for the ground fight and again paying for it in kicks to the legs. Harris stood and repeated the process once more. This time Fronda took the bait and mounted Harris to ground and pound for the finish.


Under Card


Flyweight MMA

Chaz Dunhour (Hawaii Elite MMA) def Ikaika Rodrigues (Hilo) via 1st rnd Rear Naked Choke

Flyweight Amateur MMA

Kevin Natividad (EightSixx BJJ) def Jared Miyamoto (United MMA) via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Amateur MMA

Treston Rabelliza (Hawaii Elite MMA) def Adam Azimov via Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight Amateur MMA

Zach Sterling (United MMA) def Joey Vonblankenburg (Grappling Unlimited) via Split Decision

Lightweight Amateur MMA

Timothy Teves (Kaui) def Titus Strickland (United MMA) via Split Decision

Bantamweight Amateur MMA

Mark Keomalu (United MMA) def Scott Higashi (Kurupt Ambitionz) via 1st Rnd Arm Bar



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