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Local MMA News

By Bryanna "Pink Ranger" Fissori

WAIPAHU, HI – May 21, 2015 Star Elite Cage Fighting hosted another action packed event at the Filcom, totaling 18 fights for the night starting off with the upcoming generation of warriors and ending with epic battles in the pro ranks.

Main Card

Pro 175lbs MMA

Jonavan Vistante def Gabriel Rivas via 1st round TKO

Vistante made short work of his opponent landing a shot that dropped him to the ground and following up with heavy ground and pound for the TKO victory and the 175lb belt in seconds.


Pro 135lb MMA

Arnold Berdon def Jordan Mackin via 1st round Rear Naked Choke

Typically fights that are heavily doiminated by ground or cagework are not fan favorites. That was not the case for this bout. The crowd at the Filcom was on their feet and nearly every voice was screaming. The first punch of the bout was not even thrown until the fighters were already jockeying for position against the fence. Words can't do justice to the dynamic scramble that ensued. The power and athleticism demonstrated by both Berdon and Mackin in their grappling ablilities was outstanding with each fighter exploding in and out of positions. Berdon secured the rear naked choke in round one for the win.

145lb MMA

Matt Lascola def Paul Lopes via decision

Relentless! Lascola came out in round one as if he was determined the there would not be a round two. Lopes rose to match the pace and had no trouble maintaining it. The stand up battle was minimal before Lascola went in for the takedown. In the scramble, Lopes began to set up for a triangle from his back, but was overturned by Lascola who spent the remainder of the round stuck to Lopes' back like glue with the body lock in. Lopes would put on his back quickly in round two by Lascola, but should great control from the guard. He was able to stand back up, but not for long. On the second takedown Lascola nearly secured the Americana before being reversed and barraged with ground and pound by Lopes. Lascola literally dove for the leg of Lopes to get the takedown. Though successful, he was quickly reversed and found himself defending from the guard. Lascola was likely not excited about taking punches from his back, but did appear comfortable with his ground work from that position. He was unable to secure a submission or escape before the end of the round. This fast-paced fight was a race from the first glove touch. Lascola secured the 29-28 decision victory.

125lb MMA

Jeremy Pereira-Kanakanui def Dominic Abalos via 1st round Peruvian Necktie

There was a tap controversy on this fight. They say that the lighter weight classes move faster and that appeared to be true. Pereira-Kanakanui immediately started in on creative submission attempts. The official ruling was win by first round Peruvian Necktie submission.

125lb MMA Title Defense

Joey Vonblankenburg def Shojin Miki via decision

Neither fighter showed off much stand up in round one. Vonblankenburg second most of the round attempting to escape the tight triange of Miki. The second round was a battle against the fence and a jockey for position that appeared to be dominated by Miki. Vonblankenburg did score a number of significant knees to Miki from the controlled position. The third round was a battle for position on the ground and against the cage. Both fighters were extremely composed and patient in their attacks. Vonblankenburg won the decision.

175lb MMA

Preston Morgan def Brady Spiridgilo via 1st round Rear Naked Choke

It looked like Morgan could have some trouble with the power of Spiridgilo who appeared to be swinging to kill with convincing force. Morgan showed composure under the pressure and was able to secure Spiridgilo's back quickly once the match hit the mat. Morgan wins via rear naked choke with less than 30 seconds left in round one.

MMA Heavyweight

Aaron Rose def Haron Suda via 1st round Americana

The short lived stand up battle was nearly forgotten amongst the grappling and ground and pound that ensued ending in the delivery of an Americana by Rose to secure the win in round one.

135lb MMA

Jerimy Crawford def Julio Moreno via decision

After making his way to the inside for the takedown multiple times, Moreno narrowly survived two rear naked choke, and two arm bar attempts form Crawford just in round one. Crawford followed up with a triangle attempt at the end of both round two and three. The submissions were in tight, but Moreno's heart was on point if his defense was flawed. Crawford used his range and technical grappling to land strikes throughout the bout and maintain dominant control for the win.

135lb MMA

James Chung def Patrick Panagan via 1st Round Rear Naked Choke

This bout was over in a matter of 16 seconds. The first contact between the two bantamweights was a opening kick from Chung, which was caught by Panagan. Chung jumped guard to the side of Panagan, sinking in a rear naked choke for the win. Those who blinked missed the whole thing.


165lb Kickboxing

Brysen Bolohao def Randy Kamaiopili via TKO

Heavyweight Kickboxing

Able Rose def Hanalei Baisa decision

165lb Triple Threat

Joseph Ena Ena v Brandon Alcantra – Draw

145lb Kickboxing

Christian Fontes def Sean Kamaiopili via ref stoppage

135lb Kickboxing

Zach Ungurent def Thadius Wilson via decision

163lb Triple Threat

Gabriel Kesolei def Nainoa Fujimura via decision

Under 18 Triple Threat

Drake Nohara def Laakea Laastora via decision

145lb Kickboxing

Pookela Costa v Joshua Soliven via decision

120lb Kickboxing

Noah Timoteo def Ryan Tauro via decision




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