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Maui Fighting Championship 5 “Bad Intentions” Results E-mail
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By Bryanna "Pink Ranger" Fissori 

MFC 5 “Bad Intentions” took place at the War Memorial Gymnasium in Kahului on Saturday, March 28th. Maui fans packed the venue to the brim and the decibel level rivaled that of a Seattle Seahawks game. Fighters from across the islands came to leave it on the cage and bring viewers to the edge of their seats… Success.






128lb Pro Bout

Justin Cook def. Ryan Mondala via decision

In a fight that was confirmed on short notice, these two warriors met at a catch weight of 128lbs. Oahu’s Ryan Mondala has been on the amateur circuit in Hawaii for a couple of years, but this fight marked his pro debut and a drop from his normal weight class at 135lbs. Cook was hungry for a win in front of his home crowd. Both fighters came out scrappy in round one. Mondala established himself as the counter puncher and had some success with that strategy, but had difficulty getting off the cage with the heavy pressure of Cook. One of the highlights of the round was a dynamic high-crotch takedown from Cook. The second round continued at a cautious pace. Cook dominated with wall pressure, though Mondala was able to land knees with his back to the cage.  Cook landed another big takedown in the third, which was reversed by Mondala. The fight maintained the same cautious pace standing with Cook the more active fighter. The judges granted Cook the decision for his first professional win.

155lb Amateur Title Match

Analu Mattos def Kainui Meyers via decision

Meyers came out strong with a takedown and established enough control to land ground and pound punches before Mattos was able to reverse the position. Obviously wanting to stand and bang, Mattos stood up allowing Meyers to do the same. In a wall-work battle part way through the round Meyers suffered a groin shot, but recovered and the match finished with the two on their feet in a stand up war. Much of the second round was spent with Mattos ridding the mount, ending with a rear naked choke submission attempt with no time left in the round. Meyers landed heavy hooks to start round three, while Mattos pressured with relentless uppercut attempts. There was a moment when it appeared that the fight had turned into a chin testing contest, but the round ended with Mattos mounted and reigning down punches to win the decision

205lb Amateur Title Match

Raymond Lopez def. Brady Spiridigliozzi via 2nd Rend TKO  

The crowd was a prepared for this bout to be a barnburner. Both warriors came out swinging and both incurred a swing and a miss with groin shots in the first round, but showed great sportsmanship. Lopez backed Spiridigliozzi against the cage for a good portion of the round. The wall pressure, coupled with vicious knees to the body overwhelmed Spiridigliozzi in the second round and, and allowed Lopez remain the 205lb champ with a win via TKO.

135lb Amateur Title Match

Kale Moniz def. Federico Vento via 2nd Rnd Kimura

Moniz came out hard with a quick takedown right off the bat, which put Vento in a bad position for long enough that he seemed to be in some real trouble. Once Vento got the escape he came back with combos to get in followed by a takedown of his own, initiating control, which kept until the end of the round. Vento came out overwhelmingly dominant in the second, having little trouble backing Moniz up with punches and kicks before setting up the successful takedown. Moniz had an answer for that when he caught Vento in a kimura from the bottom while Moniz was working on passing and punching.

125lb Amateur

Maui Acantilado def. Jair Rocha via 2nd Rnd Armbar

These warriors came out with a purpose and drive that proved immediately why they should both be belt contenders. Acantilado started off the bout with a convincing takedown, but it was reversed by Rocha, who opened up some ground and pound before Acantilado got back to his feet. Both fighters demonstrated a high level of technique and athleticism. The second round followed much like the first with the takedown by Acantilado and reversal by Rocha. This was not a bout to be left to the judges and with less than 10 seconds to go in round two, Acantilado secured an armbar victory.  This was one of the most technical fights of the night.

205lb Amateur

Ekolu Kalama def TJ Akima via Doctor Stoppage

Round one was a stand up war at a pretty even pace. Kalama endured a cut over the left eye that may or may not have been the reason for Akima’s obviously chipper expression. The round ended with Kalama landing a barrage of wild punches backing Akima against the cage. In the beginning of the second round Akima seemed to have little trouble evading Kalama’s unconventional punching style until being clipped with an overhand right that dropped the fighter but was not enough to keep him down. Akima remained active enough to keep the fight from being called, but rose bloodied and was taken down again shortly after, received more ground and pound accompanied by controversial strikes near the back of the head that caused the ref deduct a point and stop the fight temporarily to examine Akima who’s eye was swelling. The cageside doctor put a stop to the bout deeming Kalama the winner.

115lb Amateur Women

Tiani Valle def Jodi Poouahi-Cummings via decision

The first round of this female match up was heavily dominated by cage pressure, most of which was instigated by Valle, though she made minimal efforts for takedowns or punches from the position. Poouahi- Cummings answered with numerous leg trip attempts as she tried to edge herself off the cage.  Bloodied from an elbow in the first round, Poouahi-Cummings came out in the second with an arsenal of kicks, which helped her control the pace early on before being forced back against the cage by Valle, who’s cage pressure was allowing her to maintain control most of the round. Switching gears in the third round, Poouahi-Cummings had a number of takedown attempts as well as an attempted to armbar from the bottom. Unsuccessful, the position allowed Valle some freedom to land punches from the guard. With ten seconds to go, Poouahi-Cummings followed up a successful takedown with a rear naked choke attempt that she may have been able to execute with more time on the clock. The judge’s decision went to Valle.


Martian Tevaga def. John Quinian Heavyweights via 1st rnd TKO

Rodrigo Tabladillo def. Stu Jones 125lb Muay Thai via decision

Kendra Linn def. Colleen Kirby 130lb MMA via armbar 2nd rd

Greg Morton def. Ethan Borges 155lb MMA via submission

Gerald Gammet def. Kevin Kaaihue 150lb MMA via submission

Christian Alvarez def. Anoai Keahi 155lb MMA

Jonathan Wun def. Romeo Cabbat 135lb MMA via TKO

Bryson Kanamu def. Scott Hayashi 150lb KB via decision



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