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Weigh In's on Thursday @ 7pm E-mail
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MMA Hawaii photographers will be present at the weigh in's on Thursday at 7pm to get all the up-X1 Battlegrounds Weigh Insto-date news about Fridays X1 Battlegrounds 3 line-up.  Check our site on Friday morning to get all the details.

12-15-2005 We were late to the weigh=ins...:-)  By the time we got their they had already started and we missed a lot  of the fighters.  So we decided to take some pics of the guys that were still there. 

Tomorrows line up looks strong and they found some new talent to shake up all the veterans. ...or maybe not. :-)

We ran into...well, not literally... "Vilatonu Fonokalafi" and he looked meaner than ever.  During his first fight (X1 BG2) he came out swinging against his opponent and the crowd loved him.  We anticipate even more action in his fight against "Jared Lindsey". 

First Look at the X1 Battlegrounds 3 Weigh-Ins

All the movers and shakers (Chad Tsuneyoshi of Platinum Limousines, and Mike Miller of Mike Inc.) were busy organizing the guest list and managing the stage crew.  It's amazing how these guys come together as one for this event.

X1 Battlegrounds Movers and Shakers

You don't want to miss tomorrows fights when X1 makes history again.  They continue to take this island by suprise as some of the best Hawaii fighters come face to face in the octagon at the OLounge Night Club ...where fight club meets night club. 


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