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Story By: King Eddie- MMA Hawaii Staff Reporter

_wsb_753x446_madskillschampionsThe most important factor in the fight game, is a fighters base. Whether it be his base style, his base on the mat, or even his moral base. Jesus Is Lord Gym is a place where all of these can be sculpted. The name of the gym was not really pondered, merely branded upon them at an early point in Hawaii MMA. They stuck it through and decided to take on the great challenge of carrying a name with such responsibilities. As explained by Bob Ostovich, “ We are not only associated with the fight world. We are also recognized in the Christian community. That means that not just anyone can be a part of our team. We stress the importance of being a good person. Not just a good fighter.”  In Hawaii, where strong morals take precedence over ambiguity, this gym is a statement of the way of life for many residents. The atmosphere is less like a business that builds fighters, and more like a family that molds character.

To find out more about this gym, it’s origins, and the many great fighters who have represented it, Pick up future issues of MMA Hawaii Magazine.

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