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Zane Kamaka: A Brighter Path E-mail
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By: King Eddie

zaneZane Kamaka has been making his way up the ladder of the MMA world for several years now. We once highlighted Kamaka for his journey to the mainland to train with some of the top talent in the country. But in this update, we take a look at where he is now, and his goals for the future.

Zane made it clear that as he grew up, the right path wasn't always the one most available to him. The opportunity to go down the wrong track was excessively available for the West Oahu youth. But in seeing some of the effects of drugs and partying, Kamaka decided that he would take his fighting spirit and pour it into his training. Beginning with his father in his backyard, the young fighter succeeded on raw talent alone, but quickly found that he would need to sharpen his skills in order to continue in this sport.

The feeling of being undefeated was too great and the beacon of a better life was shining in the distance. Zane attacked his training with all that he had. Now mixing up his groundwork with 808 Fight Factory, and his stand up and conditioning with Brandyn Akamine, Zane is honing his craft as a warrior and preparing for his next battle.

As the road opens up for this local fighter, he thanks his brothers, coaches, and his father for all that he has accomplished. And we keep our eyes fixed on him for what he will surely accomplish in the future. Read more about Zane in an upcoming issue of MMA Hawaii Magazine.


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