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"Da Last Samurai": Louis Smolka E-mail
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By: King Eddie

louis_smolka_mmahawaiiLouis Smolka is a little bit crazy. Maybe even a lot a bit crazy. The kid just has an affinity for getting punched in the face. And well, we as fans kind of dig that about him.   

 I first remember Smolka standing out a few years ago at the Destiny fights that were held at the MMA Hawaii Expo. He had a war that raged on and on in the most painful and technically sound ways possible. He never gave up. He never showed weakness. As a matter of fact, he even smiled a little more as his arm was getting cranked on. The guy is just a fighter.   

 Following through with his tradition of insanity, Smolka took on a worthy opponent in Kawika Martin at this past Saturday's King Of The Cage event. The battle raged back and forth, with neither man really rising higher than the other. But out of nowhere, Smolka was dropped to the mat. In his own words after the fight, Smolka said:   

"I don't even remember what happened."     

After what looked like a knockout blow, Louis managed to keep his hands, legs and hips in the fight, even though his consciousness was likely somewhere else. Intelligently defending himself just enough to get the knod from the ref, Smolka was able to reverse the polarity of the fight and parlay that into one hell of a victory.     

With the quickness of a spidermonkey, Louis found his way into sinking in a D'arce choke on one hell of a game opponent, and claiming the Prize of a very expensive watch for "Outstanding Fighter Of The Night" award from the promoters.   

 In all seriousness, more impressive than the return from the brink of being KO'd was the absolute skill used while under extreme pressure. Both fighters fought a hell of a fight, and both had such amazing resolve, but Smolka turned the worst situation in the sport into a victory somehow. And that's why we all love him so much.   

 He's vastly entertaining. He's a little bit crazy. And he has heart for days. Lovingly referred to by his coach, Ron Jhun, as " Da Last Samurai", Smolka surely lives up to the name.


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