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Toby Misech vs Mike Balasi: The Reckoning E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

This Saturday, on the Big Island, Toughman Xtreme will feature a fight that many have wanted to see for quite some time, Toby Misech and Mike Balasi.     

The two met on the undercard of a pro boxing fight card. Both men battled hard through the bout, but Mike Balasi came out on top with what was ruled a KO victory. But in this rematch, the addition of kicks, knees, and clinch will bring a whole new dimension to the fight. Toby feels that his conditioning is much better than it was in their original bout, and promises not to gas out this go round.       

 " There won't be any gassing out this time. I'm going to be me, push the pace, and look for the KO."     

Misech knows that his growth in MMA has given him a large ammount of tools in his kickboxing. He is known for his KO power and will stop at nothing to clear this blemish from his record. Having recently moved back to his home of the Big Island, Misech knows what he can expect as far as fan support, and he will feel right at home once more. At a time when he cannot turn around without being called out to fight, Misech is ready to take on all comers. And first on that list. . . Mike Balasi.     

With a realistic view of the task at hand, Mike Balasi does not have any delusions of grandeur. He knows the momentum that Misech has at the moment, and he knows the advantages that come with that. But his entire gameplan is built around making the fight tough and grueling.     

"He has every advantage. He has the reach, he has the youth, he has the power, he has the height, he has the support. But I have nothing to lose."   

Balasi knows that he must change up his training in order to meet Misech in a kickboxing fight and make it exciting. He has been training kickboxing with fighters from his gym, and he feels at this point that he is very prepared.   

 Each fighter has expressed exactly how much this fight means to them. Along with that, they also have both expressed their want and need to put on an exciting show for the fans. Each of these warriors is ready to go out and get bloody in order to hear the fans cheer.     

Don't miss one of the most exciting matchups of the year when Toby Misech and Mike Balasi put on fireworks at Toughman Xtreme, this Saturday at Hilo Civic.


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