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Edward Thommes: Dedication And Faith E-mail
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Story By: King Eddie  -  Photo By: Ais Afaga

3639_10150949864171334_1096554440_nI had originally set out to tell the story of Edward Thommes, an up and coming fighter on a win streak. But the real story here has nearly nothing to do with the win streak of Mr. Thommes. The bigger story here is a loyalty, dedication, and faith that is as strong as any could be. You see, Edward Thommes is much more than just a fighter. He is a man with a mission.   

 As we have previously reported on Thommes, he's a pillar member of 808 Top Team, as well as a member of 808 Fight Factory and Warhorse Strength. But more important to him, he is a man a faith. That very faith has been his fuel for progression no matter the case. Being so wholeheartedly dedicated to his religion has taught Edward the lengths of his dedication, and trained to him expand it ever further. So with a lengthy measure in front of him, he lunges forward further each day into achieving his goals.    

As a fighter, Edward has had only one loss. It was a split decision loss, but you will hear no complaining from him. He willingly accepts his defeat, and uses it as a springboard to propel him forward into his new opportunities to win. Drawing from a humble nature, Edward finds no problem in asking about his shortcomings. He feels that the only way to truly get any better, is to completely immerse yourself in correcting holes in the game. As he has described it, it can be very time consuming, as well as tiresome. But with the help of a great team, and valued mentors, the adjustments can be made in a permanent fashion.     

Working harder and harder throughout his career thus far, Edward has been able to noticably improve inside the cage. As a servant to his faith, he has also grown and matured as a man outside of the cage. Longing for MMA to be his career, Edward believes that it is the example he can set for others that will really be his reward. More than any dollar amount he may recieve, Edward believes that the ability to positively impact the lives of others is the most important and fulfilling motivator of all.    

Much like his faith, for Edward's training, there is no off season. He most recently took a fight on a few days notice and made the most of it. He finished his opponent on Maui, now his second impressive finish in a row, and credits the victory to his year round training. He does not take time off, because to Thommes, opportunity may come in any form at any time. It is up to him to be ready for it.     

His idea of a leasurely day off, is to hike up a mountainside and maybe take a jog after. This is the mindset of a future Champion. And he may have the chance to claim Championship victory in his next fight, when Edward will be fighting for a Destiny MMA title. A title that is fitting when you think of it. . . Destiny.

So as his career continues onward and upward, remember that nothing was just given to Edward Thommes. He has worked for every inch of progress thus far, and plans to work twice as hard in the future. If you are ever on the beach, looking at the scattered footprints in the sand, know that Edward's are the deepest ones that continue on out of site. As he puts everything into every step, and continues on without end in his journey to achieve his destiny.


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