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Mahe, Visher, and Sproat All In Action This Weekend E-mail
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Story By: King Eddie   


A who's - who of Hawaii's fighting stars will do what they do best this weekend, as MFC holds a three day event at the Maui Mall. Tomorrow night kicks off with the "Just Kickin It" Kickboxing event that will be headlined by local MMA sensation and former WEC fighter, Brandon "The Viper" Visher as he takes on one of O'ahu's best in Michael Balasi. Then on Saturday night, Maui Heavyweight, Lolohea Mahe, will take on Matt Kovaks for the MFC HW Title, and Molokai's Sale Sproat will battle JT Taylor.   

 Kicking it off tomorrow night, Visher vs Balasi will be a war for the ages. Balasi, though under the radar at times, is without a doubt one of the states top boxers. His speed and accuracy are only overshadowed by his surprising power. Since Visher has been out of the circuit for a while, Mike Balasi is a though opponent. But then again, "The Viper" is never one to count out. His lightening fast speed coupled with his thunderous power make him an elemental destroyer of competition. His hands should be dubbed, " natural disasters", as they are known to spread devastation in the ring/cage. No matter how it shakes down, it is an interesting fight indeed.     

On Saturday, Sale Sproat will duke it out with JT Taylor. Though with a name like Sale on one side of the ring, don't ever rule out the power of the opponent. JT Taylor brings a very particular set of skills to the fight, and Sproat understands just that. Never one to count his opponent out, Sale is quietly awaiting his chance to end the fight. As a man of endless respect, Sproat knows that everybody has a chance in the fight, and so he will do all that he can to eliminate any chance for his opponent. An intersting match for the MFC Welterweight strap. Can't wait to see it.     

And finally, in the Heavyweight Division, Lolohea Mahe will take on Matt Kovaks. Once again, the heavy handed Mahe is easy to favor, but Kovaks obviously feels that he brings a clear advantage to the table. Whether it be his ability to pick his shots, or his power in his strikes, you can bet on your life that Matt Kovaks will come to fight. And as many of us know, Mahe won't back down from the challenge. Known mainly as a hard striker, Mahe has been working tirelessly on his wrestling and his groundwork. He has become, over the years, a monster in the cage that cannot be controlled. And he is looking to Hulk into that again this weekend.     

As the eyes of Hawaii are fixed on the Maui Mall this weekend, good luck to all of the fighters involved.


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