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Jeff Langaman: The New Beast On The Block E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

jeff_langamanJeff Langaman has been moving his way up the ladder in the amatuer kickboxing, Triple Threat, and Pankration circuit for a couple a years now. It's quite possible that you've seen him in the ring or the cage, putting on a show for the fans with every ouce of heart he has. Because that's the way he fights. . . with heart.    

Jeff wasn't always the good guy. There was a time in his life in which he associated with less than reputable people, doing less than positive things. But at a certain point, Langaman made a decision to change for the better. But what was he to do with all of his aggression and burning passion? That's when he found fighting.     

Jeff began his fighting career meeting much opposition. His transition was slightly rough to say the least. Taking a few losses, Jeff trained harder and harder. He began to take the craft more and more serious. Langaman would soon make an alliance that would change the face of his fighting career.    

On the evening of one of Langaman's fights, he was left without a cornerman. Though ready to do battle alone, Jeff would have been facing one hell of a tough fight with no support. That is when Colin Mackenzie stepped up. That night sparked the beginning of a new Jeff Langaman. From that night forward, God's Army had a new beast in it's ranks.     

Forging forward from that night, Mackenzie and Langaman formed a bond that showed in his later fights. Langaman would hear Colin's voice as clear as a bell through his bouts, and he listened to instructions well. As far as coaches and fighters go, Colin and Jeff were a match made in heaven, literally.     

Through a common effort in finding themselves closer to God, and training hard, Colin was able to transform the way Langaman fights his battles in the ring/cage.

    "He's hungry and open minded, therefore making him a beast in my eyes", said Mackenzie.   

Now with a few wins in a row, Langaman looks to extend that streak with his upcoming fight this month. But no matter the outcome, he will always have a winning mindset. It takes a special type of person to turn their life around, and a truly dedicated person to turn a fight record around. Jeff has overcome adversity in two avenues, and continues to progress in both areas. Now with the proper guidance, he looks to become a dangerous and devoted force to be reckoned with.


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