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Natividad And Biven Battle For Amateur Bantamweight Strap E-mail
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By: King Eddie   


The Destiny Amateur Bantamweight strap is on the line this weekend at the Blaisdell arena, and the crowd will be in for a treat as 808 Fight Factory's Shayne Biven, looks to upset current Champ, 36 Chambers' Kevin Natividad.     

As amateur fights go, Shayne and Kevin are among the top of the pack. Each display supreme skills and the will to win. A matchup between the two seems only fitting for the title. As Champion, Kevin has already proven that he has what it takes to overcome any challenge, and as Shayne has shown in his fights leading up to this, he can end anyone's night quick.     

"I'm ready for anything. My strengths are definitely in the submission department. But I'm not afraid to strike with him" said Natividad.     

"I'm ready for anything. No matter where the fight goes. 50% of it could take place on the ground, and I'm ready for that." said Biven.    

Natividad trains at 36 Chambers, and has made it clear that his team play a crucial role in his preparation. Knowing not to underestimate any opponent, Natividad is only hoping that his opponent doesn't underestimate him. The chance for fight of the night looms heavy in the air with this match. The well trained and highly dangerous Champion has to prove his worth against one of the fastest rising stars in the local circuit in Shayne Biven, but Natividad is focused and prepared for anything.    

" I know he's tough. I've studied him a lot for this fight. My teammates and I are constantly training. Even on days off my team helps me prepare." said Natividad.     

Being new to the list of Champions, Kevin Natividad still shows all the capabilities of holding his title for quite some time. He is well mannered, disciplined, and has the ability to power through any adversity using his skills to finish the fight. On the same note, Biven as well displays these qualities.     

"I actually wrestled before I starting boxing. On my team there are guys who are great at Jiu-Jitsu, there are guys who are good at stand up. I have a great team surrounding me" said Biven, who believes his team, 808 Fight Factory, will assist in his march to victory.    

Find your way to the Blaisdell this Saturday. Enjoy all of our local talent on display. And when Kevin Natividad and Shayne Biven take to the cage for the Bantamweight Title, be ready for a war.   

 Destiny Na Koa II is this Saturday (January 19,2013) at the Neil S. Blaisdell Arena.


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