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Since its founding just one year ago, Kupuna and Keiki Services a 501 (c) 3 not-for profit agency, has begun to play a role in the transformation of Kalihi, Honolulu from a town where the poor have limited opportunities and hope, to a place where they have a chance to change their destiny through education and assistance. Kupuna and Keiki Services is requesting donations to further this effort by supporting their Impact Life Center.



Organization and Mission

Impact Life Center provides access to youth of low economic status the ability to develop their mind, body and soul through Martial Arts and education. Due to the high cost of gym memberships around the area, high-risk youth that could gain the most from martial arts to teach discipline and build self confidence, are being left on the streets of Kalihi for financial reasons. The average gym membership ranges from the high $200 per month to $100 per month which makes it almost impossible for youth to take these classes. Our goal is to provide affordable Martial Arts to the youth in our community.


It wasn’t too many years ago that Kalihi earned its reputation as a tough town with many of the same problems facing similar urban, minority neighborhoods in the Nation. The news is most often about crime, truancy, substance abuse, obesity, teen pregnancy, and arrests. Academic success is often too difficult to achieve and school cut-backs have decreased the access and the availability of technological resources to public school students from elementary to middle and high school. Kupuna and Keiki Services seeks to address this critical need area by establishing a Computer Tech Center in this neighborhood where poverty is particularly high.


Through Martial Arts, participants learn a lot about themselves. With today’s problems of obesity, bullying and self confidence issues in our youth today, our instructors can teach skills and lessons that can address these issues.

Impact Life Center will provide our youth with computers with WiFi and tutors to help them develop basic computer skills that will assist them with their homework so they are better prepared to graduate from high school and be more competitive in the workforce with greater opportunities for success.

Soul/Self Confidence

We emphasize discipline, respect and self confidence. Volunteer work in the community is a component of the program to teach the youth about respecting oneself and respecting others. We will have speakers to educate our youth about bullying, gangs and other social issues



Martial Arts Classes/MMA
Martial Arts classes will be taught by Veteran Coach of the Bulls Pen, Dino Fernandez. His students have held numerous titles and belts and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide youths and adults in discipline, health and respect. TIMES
MartialArts/MMA Classes are held Monday -Friday 6PM-9PM (open mats on Friday)Fore more information

1425 Dillingham Blvd suite 100, Honolulu, Hi 96817
(Located behind Boulevard Saimin, close to sizzlers, Dillingham Business Center)Mailing Address

Impact Life Center
P.O Box 10915, Honolulu HI 96816For more information
call 852-9188or Email us at Kupuna and Keiki Services


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