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The Legacy of Robert Banis E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

20130428_536120 year old, Robert Banis, is something special within the fighting community here in Hawaii. He is dedicated, hard working, and always ready to put on a show. Literally, he will fight at any time. In recent weeks, he even competed in two promotions over a weeks time. That type of initiative shows just how much Banis enjoys getting in the ring.     

The young kickboxer has little expectation. Training out of team Total Control Kickboxing and Waianae Boxing Club, Banis has many talented training partners with whom he sharpens his dynamic striking skills. As a teammate, you couldn't ask for much better, and as a talent, you'd be hard pressed to find somebody with more technical skills. Robert Banis proves on a daily basis that pure talent exist in the realm of the fighter.     

Though his skills come relatively natural to him, Banis still feels the need to hone his craft day in and day out. In doing so, he has earned the respect of everyone in his gym. Teammates Joey Balai and Tofi Mika express only the highest regard for Banis, stating that he is a pillar to the team, and part of the hard set foundation that strengthens one and all.   

 From the gym to the ring, Banis stands to battle. There is no quit in him, nor is there any ability to do less than his best. His positive attitude makes him as pleasant outside of the ring as his skills make him deadly within. There are few fighters you can find that compete with such relaxation and ease as Robert Banis. But maybe all of this is because the old cliche is true. Some people are fighters, and some people are athletes. Robert Banis, is the former.     

As we forge forward into new fighting events here on the islands, no matter the promises of the future, we will always know that where there is action, Robert Banis will be there. With comfort and ease, he will take to the ring, and with heart and skill he will leave it all there for our entertainment. And for his legacy.


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