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A Call To Arms For Hawaii MMA Community To Help Keka Doi-Toilolo E-mail
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By: King Eddie   


We all know bits and pieces of the story of Keka Doi-Toilolo. But fortunately, regardless of the details we know, we can all come together and help him to end a very dark chapeter, and to begin a bright new one.     

Keka has been struggling with health issues from a very young age. When he was 21, his kidneys failed on him, leaving him hospitalized and on the brink of death. After multiple crashes and surges, Keka found a way to survive. After basically having to re-learn how to walk and talk, Keka was faced with the tremendous task of making any form of normal life he could muster.     

The challenges of a man in his 20's, who much undergo daily dialysis treatments, are many. Finding a job that will meet the scheduling standards of treatments, as well as the multiple doctor visits and ailments that caome along with it, is a daunting task all on it's own. Some days, even finding the will and drive to get out of bed can be a challenge.     

As time progressed for Keka, as with many  people in his position, options began to run out. The arteries that can be used for dialysis are collapsing. He is left with his final usable artery, and it has already been reconstructed multiple times. There is no foreseeable timeframe for the availability of treatment. And the waiting list for transplants at the very fastest will leave Keka on the bench for another 4-7 years. Time that he truly isn't sure he can manage.     

But the silver lining to the obvious cloud above Keka's head has shown through. A family member has agreed to donate a kidney to save Keka's life. Here in Hawaii, there is still a ton of time and tape that must be overcome in order to get it done. So Keka is heading to the mainland where he will have more doctors and more options. This is where our help, as a community and a family, is needed. A fundraiser will be held this Saturdayat Maili Sunset Bar in honor of Keka. There are presale tickets still available and payment at the door is accepted as well. This will be a night of fun, entertainment, and most importantly, a night dedicated to helping a member of our MMA family.     

Keka, over the years, has done so much to asist other fighters, and community kids, to keep the fighting in the cage. Though his own personal issues weighed heavy on his mind, he set them aside and did everything he could to help keep the kids of Makaha off of the streets and in the gyms. In fact, he still dedicates as much time as possible to making a positive impact, through his own story of struggle and hardships.     

Join us all this Saturday at Maili Sunset Bar. Help Keka get a new lease on life. His family, friends, and children will appreciate it. As a member of our MMA family, and as a humble man who deserves it, Keka Doi-Toilolo is asking for our help. Let's step up and give it to him.


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