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Destiny Stacks Another Fantastic Card E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

Tomorrow night at Aloha Tower Pier 10, we have a rare opportunity my friends. Until recently, it hasn't been very frequently that a Hawaii based Title has left the islands, and it's even more rare to witness one return. When Harriss Sarmiento meets Destiny Fetherweight Champ, Ryan Mulvihill in the cage tomorrow night, we will have our opportunity.     


The main event is a bit of a bitterweet mess isn't it? On one hand, we have a legend of MMA in Hawaii, Harris Sarmiento, and on the other a warrior who is battle tested and proven. No matter who you are rooting for, it is absolutely certain that a war will break out in the cage tomorrow night. Harris has become more than just a fighter. Globally he is known as a Champion and a veteran. With over 100 fights, Sarmiento won't likely see anything that would surprise him. He's been in there with the best of them, and he has proven himself worhty of Championship gold. For him, bringing the title back to a Hawaii fighter is more of a calling than a challenge. But on the other side of the cage is Ryan Mulvihill. Though we scoffed at the thought of a regining mainland champion the first time around, He has proven to all of us that he is not only here to win and move on. . he takes pride in his Destiny title. He is willing to lay down life and limb to keep it in his grasp. His last test in Hawaii was definitely a stiff one, as he battled Ricky "Hoku" Wallace in a fight that was a technical seminar on how to push through exhaustion. Having defeated Wallace, Mulvihill had done what few can say they have. He's a solid Champino, and a brick wall to anyone trying to get the belt. This fight will be exhilarating to say the very least. Will the Destiny strap stay on the mainland, or will it finally come home to Hawaii?   

 As if the main event wasn't enough to get your heart pumping, the rest of the card is stacked from top to bottom. Raquel Pa'luhi will be taking on some mainland talent, and after competing in the IBJJF World Competition, and winning the Bronze Medal, Pa'aluhi is looking primed and ready to make her return to the cage. As we all know, Raquel has faced what we now know are the top female fighters in the world. Win or lose she has always put up a fight, and put on a show. Coming into this bout, Raquel is an entirely new monster. She's well rested, trained to finish, and hungry for her return. Look for fireworks in this bout without a doubt.     

Also on the main card, Big Island's Chris Cisneros, against Maki Pitolo from O'ahu. These two have been hovering in one anothers stomping ground for years, and it's finally time to take to the cage. Cisneros is a traveled and tested tactician who isn't afraid to lay it all on the line for the big KO. He's put down some of the best that Hawaii has to offer, and he's making a run for Championship Gold. Having battled on the mainland, and in big organizations like Bellator, Cisneros is hard to surprise. Maki Pitolo, on the other hand, feels that he is the man for the job. Having drastically changed his lifestyle, Pitolo is looking lean and mean. Gaining momentum with each fight, Maki knows what it takes to win, and he's been doing all the right things. He believes that it's his moment to shine, and that Cisneros is the perfect opponent to help him showcase it.     

Another intersting dynamic to this card, the first brother sister team to compete in an MMA cage on the same night, Rachael and Robby Ostovich will be featured on the card. Rachael is returning to the game since her long layoff, but looks to be in the best shape of her life. Her mainland opponent also appears ready for action, so this bout could possibly steal the show. Rachael's brother, Robby, will be making his pro debut against a proven champion style fighter. But Robby has won and defended titles of his own as an amateur. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this fight is, as Robby has long been regarded as one of the future stars from Hawaii.     

The rest of the card is completely stacked as well. With names such as Monica Franco, Lawrence Collins, Micah Abreu, Treston Rabellizsa, Donald Peters, Ryan Dela Cruz, and many many more, there is no doubt that the action has come to town.     

Be there tomorrow night to witness the action. Aloha Tower, Pier 10.


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