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Mackenzie Miracle Baby Born On Freeway E-mail
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By: King Eddie


At 8:20am on Tuesday morning, in the Zipper lane headed towards the hospital, Xyahni Mackenzie entered the world. This is th second child for Colin Mackenzie and his wife Reina, but definitely a first time giving birth on the freeway. Mackenzie even had to tie off the umbilical cord with his own shoe laces.  Even given the crazy circumstances of the birth, however, Colin could still only comment on how elated he was to have another healthy baby girl.   

"It was scary. From Reina telling me she could feel the head, to a few minutes later when she was yelling 'The baby's out', to me pulling on the side and opening the door to see my newborn just laying there ever so nicely. As if God himself caught her from hitting the floor. Then we took the fluids out of her mouth so she could breathe, wrapped her in my work shirt, tied her umbilical cord with my shoe lace, then waited for the EMS to arrive. Craziest story of 2013. . . hands down!"  -Colin Mackenzie


The story has been featured on multiple news outlets, and is now almost certainly common knowledge amongst the MMA community. In this miraculous birth, we all share a smile and a little warmth to our heart. There is yet another new member to our Hawaii MMA Ohana.     

Congratulations to Reina and Colin Mackenzie on the birth of your second baby girl, and on the fantastic story you can share for the rest of your lives.


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