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Fire Steals Gym From Local Team, Ignites Aloha Spirit In Community E-mail
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By: King Eddie


Leading up to tomorrow's fights, lets all take a moment to take in the events of the past week. If you notice the fight card for Destiny's event, you will see several fighters from the local team known as Jesus Is Lord. What you may not know, is that their gym tragically caught fire on Sunday, rendering it unusable. The good news however, is that the MMA community of Hawaii sees far past the divisions of teams, and welcomes one another with open arms.     

T1509994_10151837406366059_185974575_nhe first thing that caught my eye after this horrifying event, is the fact that the entire team of Jesus Is Lord did not react the way that most would. Though they suffered nearly a total loss, they still found something to smile about. The offerings of help poured in from all over, and the team stood strong as an example of focusing on the good rather than the bad. Even though many of the members have fights coming up in tomorrow's event, they all remained strong, picked up the pieces, focused on what they could control, and moved forward. This is a shining example, if you ask me. Outside of the cage, just as much as inside, situations will arise that there is no answer to. The only coarse of action is to stay strong, stay focused, and trust in those who support you. It was incredibly moving to witness the absolute amount of positivity coming from such a negative situation.     1524763_782405511788176_1229037084_n

The second thing that caught my eye, was the out-pour of support from the local MMA community. To put it into perspective, Jesus Is Lord member, Robby Ostovich, will be taking on Bulls Pen member, Bruski Louis tomorrow night. Though the two teams are set to square off opposite one another, Bulls Pen Head Coach, Dino Fernandez, offered his own gym to the displaced Jesus Is Lord team. Though in many other situations, random gyms would view it as an advantage towards victory, Fernandez saw it as the tragedy that it was, and offered to open his doors to their scheduled opponents, proving that the Aloha Spirit is alive and well in our Martial Arts family. Even browsing facebook you could see images of the Jesus Is Lord fighters, getting their training in at 808 Top Team. Yet another local gym that opened it's doors to a team that they square off with on a regular basis.     

There are many things to be noted here, ladies and gentlemen. Even though we all compete against one another in this sport here on the islands. . . that doesn't make us enemies. We are all in this together. And even when we are faced with the toughest of situations, even our opponents will stretch out their hands in support. If that doesn't warm your heart, then I don't know what could. Once again MMA Hawaii Nation, I am immensely proud to call you family.


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