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By: King Eddie
IMG_2840You may all remember Jamin Tayaba as one of the hottest amateur prospects that Hawaii had to offer only a few short years ago. Since leaving the islands and taking up in Sin City, the chops of our young future star have only gotten more solidified, as he has risen to the ranks of Champions. And now, since toppling mainland challenges, Jamin has returned to his former home hopes to continue his progression in front of his friends and family. 
In the earliest moments of his career, Jamin looked almost as a sandbagger in the amateur ranks. He dispatched opponents with such ease and grace that it was almost as if it were choreographed. But all at once, the young phenom hit a few bumps in the road and after shaking them off, he realized there was much more to conquer before taking the step up to pro. 
Jamin found himself uprooted and in Las Vegas. At one point even training under the former coach of local UFC fighter, Eddie  Yagin. Jamin landed in the world famous Tuff N Uff promotion and his star began to burn brighter with every entrance to the cage. Only two fights in, Tayaba was offered a shot at the Tuff N Uff belt. 
After winning the title, Tayaba also managed to defend it. Not only did he win on the  mainland, but he did so in finishing fashion. It seemed our little pitbull of a flyweight was back! Only now, New and Improved. The complete immersion of himself into the unknown lead to strength not only in his technical game, but in his mental edge as well. Jamin had grown into a new man while away. 
Upon his return to the Hawaii, Jamin has been slated for a possible title match in the near future. Though the challenges  he faces now are much different from any other he's overcome, our young Tayaba will no doubt take it all in and grow. Grow as a fighter. Grow as a Champion. And most of all, as a person. 
Carrying the pride of the islands on your shoulders when away is no easy task at all. And Tayaba managed to do so in amazingly successful fashion for years. Now it is time for him to make his return to the local scene. With that weight off of his shoulders, it will be an honor to witness the heights he may reach in one single bound.


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