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Rachael Ostovich: The Road To Invticta E-mail
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By: King Eddie


When Invicta Fighting Championships came calling for local MMA fighter, Rachael Ostovich, it wasn't exactly a huge surprise. She's been a gym rat since birth and has shown her genetic attraction to the sport along with an evolved amount of success. Though the acclaim that comes with being a young and promising, not to mention easy on the eyes, female MMA fighter is astounding, the mainline MMA media tends to lose a few details along the way. So while many know that Hawaii's Rachael Ostovich will be entering Invicta FC, most don't know who Rachael is or how she got there. 
As previously mentioned, she was pretty much born for this type of competition. She is part of a third generation of fighter, and that's just what we know of. It could certainly go even deeper than that. But it's not like she just popped out of the womb scoring hip tosses and overhand rights. . . oh no no. Rachael worked just as hard as anybody else. 
Though her love of Competitive Cheerleading and Gymnastics took her on a detour, she would inevitably circle back around to the sport that flowed through her veins. . . MMA. Her Judo and Wrestling skills had long since been on display thorough her high school career, in which she'd competed at the highest levels there. When she turned her sights to MMA competition, there was no step skipped, and no stone unturned. Rachael worked her way up and the effects began to show early. 
She was no perfect specimen through her early career. Her ability to adjust her game so early on is part of what led her to become such a top prospect now. The humility came first, the polish came later. And as her baby steps turned into giant leaps, her name became synonymous with action. The fans fell in love with the Dashing and Dangerous lady fighter of Jesus Is Lord. 
Just as things were heating up, Rachael's career and life took a vertical turn. The young prospect had to put the brakes on MMA for a while as she cultivated something a little more fragile than her technique. Rachael Ostovich became a mother. With a new life growing within herself, young Ostovich put all of her mind body and soul into preparing for this new gift, and for overcoming all of the challenges that came along with it. Right out of the gate, the budding young family was met with opposition. Rachael's baby girl would be welcomed into this world under less than desirable conditions. Her first moments would be spent in surgery rather than in her mothers arms. Once free from surgery, Rachael's daughter would face a long recovery in the hospital. This time was taxing for young Ostovich, but the reserve of strength she learned to tap into became a useful tool for future trials. 
After turning her eyes back to her MMA career, Rachael decided "Why jump in the shallow end?" For her first bout back, Rachael took on a challenge rather than a gimme. The lead in was grueling, the weight cut was more complex than she'd remembered, but the payoff was exquisite. Within the first stanza, Rachael Ostovich was welcomed back to the sport of MMA with a TKO Win and a standing ovation. 
Her next bout would not be one in cruise control. Once again Ostovich battled it out with one of the toughest amateurs on the female circuit. Already the 135 lb. Champ of her local promotion, Rachael was shooting for the 125 lb. belt as well. And after a nail biting shootout with JJ Aldrich, Rachael had made history. She was the first dual division Champion for the Hawaii promotion. She had come back to the sport after a long layoff and met it with two fantastic wins. There was no slowing down. She then turned her eyes towards going pro. 
In the days leading up to her first pro bout, Rachael faced some of the darkest valleys of her young career. The home base of her beloved team, Jesus Is Lord, caught fire unexpectedly. The damage was irreparable. Mere days before her bout, with the eyes of the WMMA world fixed upon her, Rachael was thrown into a whirlwind. But the tricks of the dark side could not shake Rachael Ostovich. Oh no. She fought adversity with a smile. Entering into her first pro bout, against a TOUGH opponent, Rachael gave everything she had. Though she did not come out on the winning end of things, she walked away with a lot of tape to study, and a new task at hand. But it wasn't all bad news for young Ostovich. There was quite the silver lining. 
Though her immense momentum had seemed to have hit a wall in her pro debut, the fine people of Invicta FC decided still to give Rachael a shot in their promotion. Knowing that her talent was one still in the building phases, they didn't let something as trivial as one loss stand in the way of themselves and an obvious future standout star. Having won the amateur female fighter of the year award just previous to the decision likely didn't hurt. And so in the face of the greatest pile of adversity she could face in her career, Rachael Ostovich was still rewarded her shot. Quite clearly her years and years of hard work and her standout positivity assisted in the decision which make her all the more amazing a story. 
It has been said by some who don't know her that Rachael is a "jack of all trades, master of none". And to those people I scoff. Not only is Rachael a master of many things inside the cage and out, she masters them with a smile on her face, and nothing but positive messages. That, in itself, should be classified as a major skill. From Judo to Wrestling, to Striking, to Motherhood, Rachael Ostovich enjoys every challenge like it were her very own birthday party. 
Though this was merely a glimpse into Invicta FC fighter, Rachael Ostovich's journey, I sincerely hope it assisted in spreading a little more about this star on the rise. Though not truly into her prime yet, this breakout star is quite honestly much more than just another name on the list of signees. And there is much more to come. 


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