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Aiona Delivers Wise Words To Local Boxers E-mail
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By: King Eddie
Governor Hopeful, Duke Aiona, attended Pearlside Boxing Club's Fight Night 2 at the Momilani Community Center in Pearl City. An event in which some of the top amateur boxers from across the state come to compete. Before the action began, the former Lt. Governor was welcomed into the ring for a few motivating words. 
As he stepped through the ropes, Aiona arose with a look of pride to be in the ring where so many local athletes compete. Having spent time as an athletic Coach at Saint Louis High School, Aiona drew from that experience to deliver some very significant words of wisdom to the fighters and fans in attendance. Duke spoke of training the right way, and competing the right way. With a sincere depth and a tone of encouragement, Aiona expressed his support and belief that the young athletes in Hawaii will triumph in victory or defeat, as long as they approach the competition with true intentions. 
For the young boxers, these words were of encouragement. For the fans and family in attendance, they were a reminder. And to all, they were an expression of support from the former Lt. Governor.


More about Pearlside Boxing at  and Duke Aiona at @dukeaiona2014


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