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Man Up & Stand Up With SEC: The Perfect Storm E-mail
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By: King Eddie 


IMG_4339Just last weekend, when Hurricane Iselle threatened the islands, the fighters of Man Up & Stand Up/ Star Elite Cage Fighting, put their talents on display regardless. Not afraid of the storm, and not afraid to throw bombs, each and every fighter on the card left the crowd's heads spinning with whirlwind performances.  


Though there were too many noteworthy fights to really single many out, I've selected a few that still, weeks later, stick in my memory. The first of which was Mike Mitchell and Nalu Ontiveros. In the first round, Ontiveros landed some clean shots while showing off his speed and movement. But as the fight progressed, much to his notable fashion, Mike Mitchell kicked it into a whole new gear. He landed blow after blow, not only landing with thunder, but precision as well. However, Ontiveros was not to be put down. The two fighters slugged it out for the duration of the fight, but as the closing bell rang, Mitchell had pulled to a commanding lead. Regardless of whose hand was raised, both of these warriors were winners! 


Another fight of the night candidate was a rock'em - Sock'em style battle between the always deadly, Eugine Anguay, and the fast rising star, Christian Lee. The first round was some of the fasted gunslinging style punching and kicking I've ever seen. Both fighters were throwing from the hip, just unloading. As the round began to draw to a close it was unclear exactly who was taking the lead. When both men entered the center of the cage for round number two, the crowd was enthralled for much of the same. Fast fast FAST paced, high octane fist flinging at it's finest. The only thing that was more amazing than the speed in which these two exchanged, was the absolute stellar standard of technique. The movement and placement before, during, and countering each strike was unbelievably perfect. And from two such young men, the future certainly looks bright for Hawaii. Though both fighters impressed, round number two drew to a close with Anguay beginning his rise on the scorecards. The third round of the fight showed much of the same, only slightly slower. The power and pinpoint accuracy of each shot was still very clear and present as both Lee and Anguay blasted away. Though challenged like never before, Anguay rose to it, claiming victory and the title. Fight Of The Night, No Doubt About It! 


In an MMA Bantamweight Title Match, Donald Peters threw down with Geremy Martin. Striker vs Grappler to the fullest. Geremy didn't seem to be shaken by Peters' attack in the first. He pulled the fight to the ground and began working for a choke from Donald's back. But that was where things got tricky. Peters managed to reverse the position and remove himself from harm. That was essentially the story of the first round and each man knew what the other wanted to do. When the bell rang for the second round, both title hopefuls knew exactly what needed to be done. Martin went in for shots, while Peters flexed his takedown defense and fought for the ability to stand and trade. In transition Peters landed some nasty knees and punches, but the inevitable came to fruition when Martin followed a takedown the it's completion and threw on a choke that ended the fight. One hell of a statement for the new champ, and one hell of a fight to witness.  


In 20 bouts, there were no disappointments. From the kids, to the ladies, to the battles in between, this event truly displayed the future of combat sports in Hawaii. It was like looking into a crystal ball, and let me tell you my friends, the the future is full of stars. These are the proving grounds of which future Champions are forged, and battles in that cage that inhabit your memory now, will one day be looked upon as the days before they were superstars. Be a witness to the begriming of so many bright careers, as well as fantastic nights of action. Check out the next installment of Man Up & Stand Up/ Star Elite Cage Fighting.  



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