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Demetrious Johnson's Defeat Of Ian McCall Now Ruled Draw E-mail
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By: King Eddie

DJMcCall_largeDemetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson defeated Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall via Split Decision. . . or did he.

Shortly after the ruling was made official, it was announced that the scores were tallied incorrectly and the fight should have gone into the Sudden Victory rounds that were specifically set for this tournament. I personally believed that Ian McCall took the first and third round, as did many who were watching, but upon further review, Mighty Mouse did rock and rumble the UFC newcomer a time or two in the first. Even if the first two rounds went to Johnson, the absolute dominance by McCall in the third would have proven a 10-8.

Dana White said ..."First ever 125 lb. Title and it's clogged up already... Controversy seems to be stuck to us like glue these days but what are ya gonna do? I'm certainly not going to lose any hair over it."

Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson both seem okay with the thought of the rematch, and even the man who is forced to wait, Joseph Benavidez, seemed excited to see a clear winner in the next fight.


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