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GSP vs Anderson Silva One Step Closer To Fruition E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

gsp-silvaWith the UFC growing it's ranks, expanding it's empire, and holding more shows, it has seemed that some fight matchups have been lack luster as of late. I personally don't agree with the constant trashing of fights because any matchup can be the most exciting, you just have to let it happen to find out. But many people are screaming for super fights. Well, you may get your wish if GSP can round up a UFC 154 return win.   

 It recently hit the public that Anderson Silva will be sitting cageside when GSP battles Carlos Condit. And Dana White recently confirmed with the press that following a GSP win, Anderson Silva will challenge the Welterweight Champ. Many scenarios have been speculated as far as the weight in which the bout would be contested. Only time will tell on that.     

“There’s no doubt Anderson Silva (is) showing up to cheer Georges St-Pierre on, and he wants him to win this fight. He wants to fight him after. So I would say yes (he will challenge him in the cage),” said White on Wednesday.       

Though many are salivating over this bout, the truth is that there is no winner in this scenario. The two most marketable and unbeatable forces in the UFC will clash, and one will lose. The public opinion that they are great will disappear. The attention to their weight class may drop. And at the end of the day, the UFC put the nail in the coffin of one of it's own money making, pay-per-view selling superstars. That's not exactly what I would expect from such a big company.   

Either way, it looks like this fight will happen as long as GSP can surpass condit.


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