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History Is Made With Ronda Rousey And Miesha Tate E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

ufc_tate_vs_rousey_II_mmahawaiiWe reported a few weeks ago that Dana White was warming up to the idea of Women in the UFC. And after initial buzz about Ronda Rousey signing a UFC contract last night, we are finally able to confirm that Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are officially part of the UFC. Though Tate is getting less than a little of the publicity, you can't have a division with only one woman.     

The news apparently broke through TMZ and was further instigated by Dana White's tweet of a lone ":)". As news spread like wildfire the twitterverse was all abuzz. Left and right Ronda Rousey was getting congratulations and well wishes from fighters, fans, and other notables. Tate too set off the alarm and annouced that she and Rousey will rematch inside the famed UFC Octagon.    

But this is merely one weight class in a grand sea of female fighters. There are heavier and lighter division stacked with talent. It is the hope of many that the UFC will open more than one female weight class. But what will that do for fight cards? How many divisions can there be? In all actuality, most can see where uncle Dana is coming from. There just not enough depth for that level of competition in every female division. But in the 135 lb. division, Dana made the right choice. There are tons of talented and experienced female fighters. More than enough to fill a division. If Invicta can put on three consecutive STACKED fight cards made up entirely of these fighters, then the UFC should be able to put at least one or two matchups on each pay-per-view.     

As more news on this topic is accumulating, be sure to check back in here at for the latest updates. We will also be asking around the world of WMMA, to find out what all the ladies have to say about this historic signing.


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