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Max Holloway vs Leonard Garcia: A Battle Of Epic Proportions E-mail
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By: King Eddie


This  morning I awoke to some interesting information. And though waiting for the word to break was a painful few hours, having the honor to finally release this information is like a huge weight being lifted. As Cody McKenzie withdraws from UFC 155 with an injury, our local sensation, Max Holloway, steps up to take on the  biggest challenge yet in his career. At next saturday's UFC 155, Max will take on Leonard " Bad Boy" Garcia in a bout that will easily win fight of the night, and quite possibly, fight of the century.

It is not very often these days in our vast sport that two fighters with such aligning styles will stand together inside the cage and put on the show that the fans deserve, but the fight Gods have spoken, and two of the sports most exciting strikers will duke it out in a clash that can be described only as a fight fan's wet dream. Being closely connected to both fighters, I was able to capture a few quotes that should pretty much sum up the magnitude of the situation.

" When McKenzie pulled out of the fight, we talked to (UFC Matchmaker) Sean Shelby, and he said that he was thinking Max Holloway. Hearing that name, I knew this was the best possible opponent. I have paid attention to Max ever since I first saw him fight Dustin Poirier. Max came out in that fight and he proved that he was coming to fight. And ever since then I've been paying attention, and I'm sure he has been watching me. I know he isn't going to just come out there and dance around. He's gonna come to fight, just like me. I think we are both coming into this fight with the same mindset and we are going to learn a lot about each other. As a matter of fact, I hope Dana White comes out there with three bonuses and we win all three of them. No matter where this fight ends up on the card, we are going to give the fans exactly what they want to see. If it's on the Pay Per View portion, then I think people would get their moneys worth with this one fight. This fight definitely won't short change the fans. We are going to bring the new year in with a bang. . . . literally." - Leonard Garcia

"It's an honor to fight a guy like Leonard. When is the last time you ever saw Leonard in a boring fight. He always makes it exciting. Expect fireworks. I'm coming out there looking for bonuses. He always wins bonuses, and in this fight we are going to add another one to his career and get my first one. This fight is going to give me the opportunity to end this year and start the new year by showing the world what Max Holloway can do. Just like Leonard said, we are going to start this year with a bang." - Max Holloway

As December 29 draws near, I think we can all easily assume that the hardcore fight fan will appreciate the implications of this fight. With a win over Garcia, Max will reach a new level within the organization. Widely known as one of the UFC's most exciting fighters, six time Fight Of The Night winner, Leonard Garcia, is a stiff test unlike any Holloway has faced. And as a young, hungry, and naturally gifted striker, Holloway stands as a ticket back to the top for Garcia. But in truth, a win/win scenario is at hand. When Leonard Garcia and Max Holloway meet in the cage, we all win.

With only 10 days notice, Max has stepped up into a new phase of his career. Good luck to Max as he takes on one of the most hard hitting opponents that the sport can produce. We here at MMA Hawaii, and the entire MMA Hawaii nation anxiously await what will be a defining moment for both fighters.



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