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Pacific Xtreme Combat Puts The Spotlight On Asia Pacific Fighters E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

pxcOver the years many of you have noticed an MMA organization known as PXC (Pacific Xtreme Combat). Well, you aren't the only ones who have noticed. As time passed, the world has begun to notice the enormous potential that is flourishing in the Asia Pacific region, and the promotion they are flourishing within. PXC has been a great opportunity for many fighters from Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Korea, Japan, and China. We spoke with EJ Calvo of PXC to find out more.     

"We have a very busy year ahead of us," said Calvo. " We have 8 events in the works. Events in Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, and possibly Korea."    

If it is true, as they say, that idle hands are the devil's play things, then EJ and crew need not worry about the devil, because all of the work involved in their promotion has them going around the clock. From talent scouting in multiple countries, to setting up logistics for the events, to working the shows down to every last detail.     

Hitting close to home, the promotion has made itself a vessel for so many of our local fights. Fighters such as Harris Sarmiento, Russell Doane, Dustin Kimura, Zane Kamaka, Nate Quiniola, Desi Minor, Louis Smolka, Ron Jhun, Kailin Curran, Ian Dela Cuesta, Shane Biven, and Toby Misech. So as you see, PXC does not merely use a few Hawaii fighters and then ask for support. PXC thoroughly scouts the talent here on the islands, as well as all over the pacific.     

In the past years, the PXC has been the proving ground for a few fighters that are now called up to the UFC. As the proving ground for international competition in Pacific, PXC has a ton of talent to choose from, a lot of venues to tap, and a growing support that is expanding rapidly.     

For more on PXC, stay logged in to MMA Hawaii. Below is a video from the last event, PXC 34.


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