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Tynanes Claims Victory In OneFC Debut E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

lowen_tynanes_onefc_mmahawaiiAs Lowen made his way to the cage for his OneFC debut, many wondered exactly how the fight would unfold. His opponent, the fierce former Muay Thai world champion, Vuyisile "The Cheetah" Colossa. It was on paper as a striker vs grappler. But the fans watching around the world had no statistics on the power, heart, and will of the Hawaii fighter.   

 Round one played out much like Lowen's fans would imagine. Dominant and thunderous takedowns drew the wind from Colossa's lungs. Tynanes used his best skillset to dump his opponent to the mat on numerous occasions. Transitioning from dominant position to dominant position, Lowen searched for a finish that wouldn't come. Though a rear naked choke was sunk mid-way through the round, Colossa managed to beautifully defend. But in an immaculate transition, Tynanes locked up a head and arm choke. The two battled in the center of the cage and on to the round closing bell. Tyananes claimed the first round.   

 A cut opened on Tynanes' hairline caused some frustration in round 2, but Lowen battled on. The furious striking of "The Cheetah" put Lowen's back to the cage. But nothing could stop the Hawaii fighter as he battled on. Taking elbows, punches, knees, and deadly leg kicks, the OneFC fans thought the tide had turned. When the bell sounded at the end of round two, it looked as if the landscape had changed.     

With Kai Kamaka in his corner, Lowen Tynanes understood what he had to do to close the fight. As the third round began he immediately took the fight to his home. Right to the mat. Colossa tried everything he could, but could not escape the overwhelming force of Tynanes. The two men scrambled and scurried on the mat as "The Cheetah" tried to get the fight to the feet, and Tyananes battled to keep in on the mat. And after an awkward transition, Lowen found himself with a split second opportunity to take the back of Colossa.     

As the final minute of the fight began to deteriorate, Tynanes locked in the rear naked choke. With seconds left on the clock the end came for Colossa. For the first time in his professional career, he was finished. Forced to tap, the South African could not withstand the power and technique of our own Hawaii fighter.     

With his first appearance in OneFC, Lowen Tyananes captured not only a victory, but a continuation of his growing international presence. He will not be denied.     

With his hand raised, Lowen Tynanes brings a world class victory back to the islands. Hawaii is proud of you Lowen.


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