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Hawaii Hit Squad Decends On Guam For PXC 36 E-mail
National MMA News

By: King Eddie


With fast growing popularity, it's no shock that PXC 36 in it's home country of Guam, will deliver the fireworks that the fans crave. All the action, all the suspense, and all the fantastic storylines that MMA fans love to follow. Utilizing THE best talent in the Asia-Pacific region, it's no surprise that PXC dipped into their Hawaii reserve in order to stack the fight card of an already exciting event.

Kailin Curran, Toby Misech, Johnavan Vistante, Ian Dela Cuesta, and Nate Quiniola will all be competing on this weekends fight card, and without a doubt will bring the action to the Guam MMA fans. Over the lifespan of the promotion, enlisting Hawaii fighters has never come up short. Each and every bout has been exciting and crowd pleasing. In most recent action, Louis Smolka earned fight of the night with his win at PXC 35 alongside a main event first round submission by the PXC lightweight champ, and Hawaii legend, Harris Sarmiento.

With this weekends card already hours away, Hawaii fighters are cutting weight and preparing for battle. In the female bout, Kailin Curran will be making her PXC debut and will be bringing all of her experience as one of Hawaii's most exciting female fighters along with her. No matter the skillset of her opponent, we can rest assured that Kailin will never back down, and never surrender.

Toby Misech has had some of the most explosive hands on the islands throughout his entire career, and now he will be putting them on display for the PXC fans in his PXC debut. As a fast rising star here in Hawaii, he found himself quickly at the top of the ranks, so there should be no delay in action when the cage door closes, as he already has tenure in the cage. Look for the PXC fans around the world to have a new favorite when Toby proves why he is "2 Quick".

Ian Dela Cuesta is a fighter who has shown Hawaii, and the Mainland U.S. that he is battle tested and victory approved. In a range of weight classes, Ian has kicked, punched, choked and broke his way to the top of the heap on multiple occasions. He faces his opponents with furious resolve and never backs down from a fight. As he enters the PXC cage, the Guam fans won't know what hit them. Ian proves that no matter the size of a Hawaii fighter, the action is guaranteed.

Nate Quiniola is known as the GSP of the islands. His athleticism and strength make him hard to control, and his striking abilities confuse and frustrate anyone who steps in the cage with him. Having proven his champioinship pedigree here in Hawaii, it's time for Nate to take his show on the road. Quiniola's PXC debut will likely solidify the comparrison between the up and comer and the UFC Welterweight Champ. His ability to finish fast or grind out the victory make him the most dangerous breed of opponent.

Johnavan Vistante has been fighting on a high level since he was a child. Making his climb to multiple titles and Championships became the name of his game. As a former contestant on The Ultimate Fighter, Vistante has see the best that the sport has to offer and he fears no man in the cage. Many times fighting out of his own weight class, bigger opponents are nothing new for the Immortal Warrior, and everywhere he lands and fights he instantly becomes a fan favorite.

Good luck to all of our Hawaii fighters as they wage war at PXC 36 in Guam. As always, the thoughts and Aloha of the Hawaii MMA fans will give you strength. We are unconditionally proud of you all. Show Guam what Hawaii is made of.


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