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Hawaii Fighters Dominate PXC 36 E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

d6d1e8a16ecd484abdeee187e74c9ed0.imagepng.937136.png.PXC36_FLAVORUS.pngWith the PXC 36 card stacked with Hawaii fighters, the entire state was in suspense while awaiting results in the early morning hours of March 8th. Anxiously awaiting results from the event in Guam, Hawaii fight fans found themselves jumping with joy in half hour intervals as the Hawaii winner after winner came across the wire. In total, Hawaii fighters went 4-1, stealing the show at Pacific Xtreme Cagefighting.     

Setting the tone was Ian Dela Cuesta. His opponent was vicious and relentless, but the slick submission savvy earned him the victory in the second stanza with a well transitioned triangle choke. Constantly threatening with the taketown kept Dela Cuesta's opponent in a defensive state, and even in dominant postions he had to remain on his game. But with a fantastic setup, Dela Cuesta took the victory and turned some heads while doing so. Fantastic fight from the fast rising star from Hawaii.     

Nate (Quiniola) Thorell was coming into his fight as an underdog in the eyes of the Guamanian fans. But everyone in Hawaii knew the truth. Immediately establishing his dominance, Nate appeared to have crushed the face of his opponent in the very first round. Nate utilized is strength and athleticism to outwrestle, out strike, and out gameplan his opponent in every single round of the fight. Though his opponent had amazing heart, Nate came away with a very impressive victory as he made a statement to the ranks of the PXC.     

Toby Misech did what he does best. Going toe to toe and blow for blow with his Korean opponent, Toby lit up the cage with striking expertise. There wasn't an ass on a seat in the entire place, as they were all standing and cheering while both fighters went to work on one another. Though his shots were on point through the first two rounds, it seemed that Misech's opponent's chin was made of pure granite. But in the third and rinal round, a well placed body shot but the Korean to the mat. Misech tasted victory yet again, this time in his PXC debut. The future is certainly bright for this young talent from the Big Island.     

In the first ever women's MMA match in PXC history, Kailin Curran took on Kaiyana Rain. The opening round displayed the absolute dominance of Curran as he outstruck, outwrestled, and outclassed her opponent at every turn. A thunderous slam off of a failed submission attempt led Curran to some extreme ground and pound. It appeared on several occasions that Rain was out on her back, but the tough fighter battled on. Kailin entered the second round with a healthy lead and the two exchanged more of the kicking game. Leg kicks became a goal for both ladies, but Kailin once again established her striking prowess with the one-two combo time and time again. The third round showed merely the heart of Rain, as he endured a beating from Curran all the way through the final bell. When the smoke cleared, making history was Kailin Curran. The first victorious female in the PXC.   

 All of Hawaii's fighters brought their game to Guam. Hawaii was well represented and once again made a statement to the global MMA scene that the fighters from these islands are not to be taken lightly.


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