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Remigio Dominates In PXC Debut E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

reno_remigio_mmahawaii_pxc37In a PXC debut that shook the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City, Philippines, Reno Remigio scored the biggest win of his career to date. With a third round TKO finish of Hong Seung Chan, Remigio made quite the statement.   

From the opening bell until the ref stopped the fight, Reno was relentless with punishing knees and elbows. His Anderson Silva-like clinch left little room for survival. Though carrying a chin made of solid granite, Hong Seung Chan had no chance of making it out unscaved. Remigio battered and bashed his opponent while simultaniously dodging and defending any chance of a takedown.     

With several PXC wins under his belt, Hong Seung Chan may have come into the fight as a heavy favorite, but Hawaii's Own Reno Remigio proved that even with a two year layoff, odds have nothing on hard work and heart. Taking bomb after bomb, Remigio walked through nearly everything that Chan threw at him, and he did it with a smile. Continuously searching for the clinch, Remigio executed his gameplan perfectly.   

 Round one was a clear steamrolling on the part of Remigio. Knees and Elbows took Chan off balance. Though shooting tirelessly, Chan could never finish the job. As the second round opened, it was much of the same. Knees, Elbows, clinch clinch clinch. As the damage took its toll, shortly into round three would be as far as Chan could survive. After taking knee after knee to the body, and elbow after elbow to the chin, it was a perfectly placed punch that ended Chan's night. As he hit the mat, Remigio pounced with furious ground strikes causing the ref to step in and call the fight.   

 Congratulations to a very deserving and honorable fighter, Reno Remigio. We are all so very proud of you.


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