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Polynesian Powerhouses Stack UFC 160 E-mail
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By: King Eddie   


UFC 160 has a lot to offer. Killer Heavyweight fights, action packed lighter weight fights, and some damn fine matchmaking. But there is a hidden layer of awesome sauce to the UFC 160 fight card, and maybe a hidden gem that will go unnoticed. Well UFC matchmakers, you couldn't sneak something this cool past old King Eddie.   

 Look very close at the line-up for the evening. Notice anything? Te Huna, Hunt, Noons, Holloway. . . that's right! This card is full of Polynesian pride. James Te Huna of Maori descent, Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt, who is clearly of Samoan descent, KJ Noons who grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, and last but not least, Max "Blessed" Holloway, from the west side of O'ahu.     

This is one hell of a gift from the UFC, if you ask me. It's so inspiring to see that Polynesian fighters are so important to the structure of an exciting fight card. When you really think about it, the style of our island fighters tends to be constantly exciting. From the big power of the "Super Samoan" and Te Huna, to the fast and furious striking of Noons and Holloway, our Poly boys are bringing some much needed fireworks to the UFC fight cards, and the brass is taking notice.     

On the eve of such an exciting event, it fills my heart with pride and joy to see this trend falling together. Hopefully in the future we can see a UFC that includes Polynesian fighters on all fight cards. Lord knows we have the talent floating around the area.     

Give em hell boys. Hawaii, and all of Polynesia will be watching with a smile.


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