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Eddie Yagin Officially Back In Action E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

eddie_yagin_bbq_0107In the weeks following his UFC Fight Of The Night performance against Mark Hominick, it seemed like everybody was talking about Eddie Yagin. But we here in Hawaii have known the seceret for over a decade. He's got something special. Something that all of us here in Hawaii seem to relate with. . . the warrior spirit.     

Following a rescheduling of his anticipated #1 contender bout with Dennis Siver, Eddie Yagin suffered life changing news. After a training session, Eddie found that he had suffered a head injury. The news came as a shock, as the fighter was merely going through his normal routine at the time, and hadn't really done anything too risky. Though he knew he would recover and continue his march to UFC gold, many around him weren't quite as certain. This made Eddie really evaluate where he is, and where he wants to be.     

His initial return trip to Hawaii was one of vacation, reconnection, and spiritual rejuvination. Having been sidelined from even training, Yagin found himself in his San Diego home, feeling like a fish out of water. Being on the trail of autograph signings and fan expos did lift his spirits, as Yagin is a man of the people, but what was it all for if not to fight. So he packed up and made a trip back to his Hawaii roots, and let the island do the rest.     

His weeks here completely revitalized his mind and body. He was running the infamous Koko head hike in short times with no side effects. In a conversation I shared with Eddie, he likened he sudden recovery to filling up his gas tank. He had been running on empty for a while, and needed our little Pacific paradise to top him off for the long trip to the title.     

After returning to the mainland for a short while, Yagin once again found himself right back here in Hawaii. This time, his stay extended for months. In several interactions with Yagin, he seemed to be more at peace than he has in years, but was begining to develope an itch to get back into the cage again. Though he has gained a lot of responsibility with his recent engagement and anticipated birth of his next child, Yagin still seemed like a man on a mission. A mission to get back in the cage and show the world what that little fighter from Hawaii can do. Appearing happier in his private life than he ever has before, it was time for Yagin to reach even greater heights professionally as well.     

Once again returning to the mainland, Eddie Yagin had a plan. On the morning that Eddie posted his doctors clearance, many would have assumed that the "what have you done for me lately" attitude of the mainstream MMA fan would have forgotten the Filipino Phenom, but the MMA world was pleasantly surprised.     In a photo posted on Twitter and Facebook, Eddie showed the world that he was once again ready to enter the ranks of the greatest fighting organization in the world. And the media, as well as the fans, responded amazingly. Yagin himself was surprised at the reaction.     

So as we await news on Eddie Yagin's next appearance in the Octagon, we can rest easy knowing that our famed scrapper of Superbrawl fame will be back at it once more, showing the world what Hawaii can do.     Stay logged in to MMA Hawaii as we talk to Eddie and find out, as he does, what the future holds for him.


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