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Doane, Curran, Misech, And Torres Take To The PXC Cage In Guam E-mail
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By: King Eddie   


At roughly 11:30pm Hawaii Time, on Thursday night, a small army from Hawaii will take to the cage at PXC 38 in Guam and put it all on the line for victory. Along with the best of some of Hawaii's best up and comers, we have the return of a veteran. Russell Doane, Kailin Curran, Toby Misech, and Anthony Torres will all battle it out in Pacific Xtreme Combat against a list of opponents from around the world. Hawaii will certainly be represented well in a global way.   

 Ranked among the mainland media as Hawaii's number one prospect, Russell Doane is a proven Champion. His career here in hawaii has been seceret to MMA fans, or even evening news viewers. Climbing the MMA ranks seemed a destiny for Doane, and the title of Champion holds great weight to him. Even days after victory, Doane finds himself back in the gym, surrounded by his team, 808 Top Team, cleaning up the parts of his game that lacked even in victory. His opponent at PXC 38 will be Guam's own, Kyle Aguon, who is 5-3 in MMA, all coming withing the PXC organization. Coming into this fight with a three fight win streak, two by sumbission, Aguon will be a stiff test for Doane. And coming off of maybe the most hard fought win of his career, Doane will be looking to finish fast, and move on up the ladder to PXC gold.     

As one of Hawaii's top female fighters, Kailin Curran has very little to prove. But as she takes on Japan's Emi Tomimatsu, Curran will face a veteran with tons of experience. Curran, however, is not likely to let a veteran status shy her away from war. Coming into this battle fresh out of a new training camp with Mark Munoz's team, Curran has taken the next step in her training by spending time outside of Hawaii. The beast we see in the cage at PXC 38 will not be the same Kailin we are used to seeing. Having sought out some of the best coaching that the mainland has to offer, Curran will not let that move be in vain. Her opponent, Tomimatsu, is as previously stated, a solid veteran. But with 11 pro fights, Tomimatsu finds herself coming off of two straight losses. She will indeed have more weight on her shoulders as the bell rings, and Curran will definitely remind her of it. Having been the winner of the first women's bout in the PXC, Kailin will look to repeat her success as she takes on Emi Tomimatsu. 

In his first PXC outing, Toby Misech showed the Asia-Pacific fans exactly why Hawaii loves him so much. His thunderous power is only matched by his lightening fast speed, hence the nickname "2 Quick". Having long been one of Hawaii's top prospects, Toby has only really needed a big opportunity to showcase his talents. After winning his first outing in PXC, Toby sees the benefits of winning on foreign soil. With another win in the same fashion, Toby draws a big spotlight onto himself, and that may be all this young prospect needs in order to make a run for the title, and even bigger promotions. His opponent is Japan's Yusuke Yachi. As a decision specialist, Yachi may find quite an obstacle in Misech, who prefers the fast and furious finish of a well timed KO. But nevertheless, Yachi rides into this fight with a 5 fight win streak. The only thing Toby needs to end that however, is a tiny opening.     

Finally, we see the return to action of one of Hawaii's toughest veterans in the game, Anthony Torres. A veteran of the UFC, Icon, and Superbrawl, Torres is no stranger to tough competition. The MMAD product has proven on several occasions that he is not to be taken lightly. Though his absence from the cage has been very apparent, his return will be all the more sweet, as he sets off against one of Guams most recognizable names, Josh Calvo. Coming into this fight fresh off of a win over Hawaii's Johnavan Vistante, Calvo may think he has advantage, but Torres isn't taking defeat as an option. His long standing as a leader in the sport here in Hawaii will be his greatest strength as he steps into the PXC cage for the first time. Working with some of the best and brightest here on the islands, Torres carries quite a few weapons int this fight. The Hawaii fans will be delighted to see him back in action.    

As always we would like to wish the best of luck to all of our proud Hawaii fighters as they take this next step in their career. It is always a special kind of pleasure to watch our talented warriors take to international competition and represent Hawaii on a global scale. We are very proud of every one of them, and as an MMA community, we should all show our support and appreciation. You can stream the fights on Thursday night at roughly 11:30pm Hawaii time, which is Friday night 7:30pm Guam time, at the PXC facebook page under the tab "Live Steam".


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