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By: King Eddie   

travsibrowne_mmahawaiiAt a time in the night when Hawaii could use a boost, Travis "Hapa" Browne took to the cage. His opponent was the overwhelming favorite, Alistair Overeem. But the oddsmakers negelected something while setting the favorites. . . they forgot that Browne was raised in Hawaii. There is something very real about the natural spirit of the warrior that resides inside of all Hawaii fighters. And though Browne did not begin his fight career here, it's obvious to us that the spirit of Aloha has traveled with him.     

When the opening bell sounded, the media, fans, and fighters were waiting for something special from Overeem. Everyone was wondering how The Reem would take Hapa out. And as many expected, Overeem got off to one hell of a start. His brute force attack pushed Browne's back to the cage and he followed with a barrage that would have leveled lesser fighters.   

 From knees to the body to viscious punches and kicks, Overeem took control. Putting Hapa to the mat more than once, it seemed that the onslaught would bring the fight to an early close. But as the ref shouted to Travis, "you gotta move", he listened. Hawaii's heavyweight stood to his feet and fought back. When space was created, so was opportunity. Browne took over.     

Throwing kicks that seemed to merely frustrate Overeem and gauge distance, Browne took an opening. With a perfectly placed front kick, the man-tower that is Alistair Overeem toppled, and left in his wake was a victorious Hawaii fighter known as Travis "Hapa" Browne.     

Though he may have shocked the world, it came as no surprise to us here in Hawaii who know that our fighters have the intangible advantage of the warrior spirit.     Congratulations to the Hapa boy in the big leagues, Travis "Hapa" Browne. We are all so very proud of you.


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