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M-1 Challenge 41 “Battle on Neva” Photos & Fights E-mail
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      023_DSC_1177   Traditional championship M-1 Challenge 41 “Battle on Neva” took place on August 21 at the one of the most beautiful places in St. Petersburg, on Neva River Embankment.

       The main events of tournament were the semi-final of Grand Prix “Heavyweights fights” and also the fight between acting champion of M-1 in semi-lightweight Marat Gafurov and ex-champion of M-1 Yury Ivlev.

     There were also amateur fights of perspective young fighters from the best fight clubs of the city. This fights was sponsored by RosStroyInvest company. (These fights are not selection to MMA world championship).

   Fight card of championship includes fighters from different countries. The chief referee was the representative of the WMMAAA Ino Alberga from Netherlands.

Some information regarding the broadcast:

This championship was translated in more than 100 countries.

Rating of viewings is about  1,5 million on live broadcast (channel Russia 2), about 700 000 viewings saw the rebroadcast. It is more than twice more than Bellator rating viewings.

According to last tournaments the rating of viewings of our tournaments was 1 411 000 viewers whereas Bellator has 250 000 viewers.

Hereby we show the review of the main fights of evening and all fights results.

1. Superfight. Mansour Barnaoui VS Zulfikar Usmanov


Mansour Barnaoui won Zulfikar Usmanov via choke. 3rd round, 4,19 min.

The fight between sportsmen from France Mansour Barnaoui and Russian Zulfikar Usmanov – one of the most spectacular fights of the evening. In the first round French fighter nearly made choke submission, but Russian freed himself from the hard grip. the second round also held under overhelming pressure of Frenchmen, but Zulficar saved himself from defeat again. But at the third Mansur finaly has done back rear choke. however objectively Usmanov had pure chances to win, Baranuoi is much more experienced, we must admire toughness and big brawl will of our fighter.

2. Superfight. Junio Rander VS Islam Makhachev


Islam Makhachev won Junio Rander via unanimous decision.

Before the fight between Islam Makhachev(Russia) and Junio Rander(Brazil), both of them had clean record and 8 and 6 wins accordingly. In the beginning of the 1st round, Junio Rander (BJJ world champion) tried to takedown his opponent, but Islam (Russian combat sambo champion) moved fight back to the stand and spend the rest of the round avoiding viscous wrestle. Makhachev also has dominated in the 2nd and 3rd round in ground and stand and won by unanimous decision.

3. Superfight. Georgi Stoyanov VS Mikhail Malyutin


Mikhail Malyutin won Georgi Stoyanov via unanimous decision.

The fight between two experienced fighters Mikhail Malyutin (25-10-0) from Russia and bulgarian Georgi Stoyanov (17-2-0). Well-Known freestile wrestler Stoyanov said the he is ready to show also the boxing skills. In his turn, the Russian fighter declared that he paid much attention to wrestling in training.
The fight started from reconnaissanse by force, both tried to attack each other in stand fight. At the end of round Bulgarian made takedown, but Mikhail Malyutin grouped and almost done choke submission “triangle”.
In the 2nd round Russian fighter captured position on the back of opponent and spend time attacking him from behind to the head till the end of round. In the 3rd round exhausted Georgy Stoyanov was able only to protect from Mihkail’s kicks, by closing the head.
As a result, unanimous decision of judges - Mikhail Malyutin win.

4. M-1 Grand Prix 2013 Semifinals. Marcin Tybura VS Chaban Ka.


Marcin Tybura won Chaban Ka via TKO. 1st round, 2,05 min.

Chaban Ka, the real “discovering” of Heavyweights Grand Prix of M-1, met with Marcin Tybura in semi-final of M-1 Grand Prix 2013.

The fight was almost started from ground , where Chaban Ka tried to make choke to the leg. But Marcin shown great grappling skills and took advantageous position and blocked Chaban Ka. Marcin struck kicks Frenchman while the judge didn't stop fight.

Marcin won the fight via technical knockout and will meet in final of Grand Prix with Konstantin Gluhov.

5. Superfight. Yuriy Ivlev VS Marat Gafurov


Marat Gafurov won Yury Ivlev via TKO. 2nd round. 3,56 min.

Inasmuch as Yury Ivlev could not get into declared weight category, the fight Gafurov VS Ivlev had lost satus of the title fight and Marat Gafurov saved his title of world champion M-1 in semi-light weights. And also Yury Ivlev started fight with yellow card.

Fight was started with Gafurov’s attacks. Yury couldn't suffer such pressure and had been takedowned. Marat climbed on Yury’s back and tried to get one of his hands, but without success. In the 2nd round Ivlev attempted to keep the fight in stand phase, but Gafurof looked more active and moved much more quickly – he was providing jabs and takedowns one by one. And the last of them had been finished by Yury’s submission after GandP series to his head.

6. St.Petersburg Amateur Cup semifinals.

Maxim Pugachev VS Alexey Averianov


Maxim Pugachev won Alexey Averianov via unanimous decision.

7. St.Petersburg Amateur Cup semifinals.

Alexander Korneev VS Sergey Andreev


Alexander Korneev won Sergey Andreev via unanimous decision

8. Ranking fight.

Zokhizhon Tuichiev vs Mikhail Kuznetsov




Mikhail Kuznetsov won Zokhizhon Tuichiev via unanimous decision.

9. Ranking fight.

Ivan Laperdin vs Evgeni Sergeev


Evgeni Sergeev won Ivan Laperdin via TKO. 2nd round, 4,25 min.

10 . St. Petersburg Amateur Cup finals.

Maxim Pugachev vs Sergey Andreev.


Sergey Andreev won Maxim Pugachev via split judges decision



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