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Kimura On Weight, Set To Face Gagnon At UFC 165 Tomorrow E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

dustin_kimura_ufc156_mmahawaiiFor the second time, Hawaii's own, Dustin Kimura, makes his way to the UFC octagon. In his first appearance, Dustin dispatched of Chico Camos via ground domination. In this bout, he will face the crafty Canadian scrapper known as Mitch Gagnon.     

Mitch is a wel rounded fighter. Until now, he has flown relatively under the radar of most MMA fans, but has started to gain a little notability as of late. His fans in Canada are as dedicated as a fanbase can be, but they will likely be in for a rude awakening when Dustin "The Diamond" Kimura rolls into town.     Kimura has long been one of Hawaii's top fighters. Recently gracing the cover of MMA Hawaii Magazine, Kimura is still new to the spotlight, but he doesn't let that bother him. The media and fan attention is always welcomed by the O'ahu native, but it never interferes with the task at hand. This weekends task. . . to take out Gagnon and move up the UFC Bantamweight ranks.     

Well versed in all aspects of fighting, Dustin is known for one of the toughest chins and sickest ground games. His transitions are flawless and confusing to opponents. Kimura can attack from his back just as well as from top position, and as he proved in the PXC, he's also capable of knocking someone out with his power.   

As a quiet and humble member of Gracie Technics, Kimura has managed to quietly become a favorite fighter to many who witness him in action. He never really brags or makes a scene. He's kind of shy and keeps to himself, but when the cage door closes his intentions show through. Dustin Kimura comes to finish fights.     To be the outsider, coming in to battle the hometown fighter, Dustin really has nothing to lose. He will go in and do exactly what he has to in order to finish the fight. The fact that he is taking on a tough challenge only motivates him more. His diet changed, his training changed, his whole philosophy changed in route to this fight. It is very clear that Kimura will accept nothing less that reaching the absolute top.     

It's been a long time coming for Dustin and the UFC. It seems like the two have been on a collision course for a long while. As I have stated to him in many conversations, "I almost feel that you're behind schedule", to which he laughs. But one thing is absolutely obvious. . . Dustin took his time shaping his craft in order to get to the highest level, and now that he is there, he won't let it be taken away from him in his second fight. Kimura is on a march for the top. He's executed an flawless amateur and pro career to this point and he isn't willing to give up now. Not to Mitch Gagnon by any means.   

 Good luck Dustin as you battle it out tomorrow on Fox Sports 1. All of Hawaii will be watching with pride.


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