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Misech And Curran Return To Guam For PXC 42 E-mail
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By: King Eddie   


It's no surprise that once the new wave of Hawaii fighters were introduced to a new market, they'd explode. In the case of Pacific Xtreme Combat, we've done just that. Several Hawaii fighters have held titles and great respect within their ranks, and it's time once again to see just how high Hawaii can rise to the occassion at PXC 42 where Kailin Curran will face her next challenge, and Toby Misech will battle for the belt.     

As a calm and reserved type of guy, it was hard to get Toby to comment on much about the fight. He never thinks too much into things. Never lets his nerves take control. Toby is a one fight at a time type of fighter, and it suits him very well. Though history has shown us that 9 times out of ten, a Hawaii fighter holding a PXC belt gets the call to the big show, Toby refuses to let that be his motivations. In fact, it's not even on his to-think list. Focusing on the task at hand has been his workflow thus far, and it's going to show tomorrow night.     

The incumbent Champion goes by the name of Jank Yong Kim and most recently toppled one of the most highly hyped fighters in the Asia Pacific region. But that is not going to slow Misech down. The Big Island banger has always been popular in Guam, and will surely hold the crowd in his hands no matter his opponents Champion status. Kim also says that he can ensure fireworks in this scrap. But unfortunately for Kim, Misech is the man who plans to set them off. Toby's fists carry their own style of physics when he steps into the cage. Peoples faces just seem to be drawn to them and then immediately drawn to the mat. It's the craziest thing. And you can bet your bottom dollar that "2 Quick" plans on teaching the Champ some of those Banger physics come fight time.     

No matter the outcome, all islands will lift Toby up. But on his return fight, we will likely see him holding one more belt for Hawaii.    

Also on the card is fast rising bombshell, Kailin Curran. We haven't seen much of her lately as she has been training in California with Mark Munoz and squad. After making waves on the local scene, she's been sharpening her craft on the mainland for just this opportunity. She quickly became the most talked about female fighter in the PXC, and she carries the reputation of our islands well. Her representation of respect, humility, and hard work echo through the arena with every punch she lands and every takedown she shucks away. Kailin has traveled a long road to get to where she is, and though her eyes are fixated on her current opponent, Yoo Jin Jung, her stride continues on forward towards much larger magnitudes of success.   

There really isn't much to report on Kailin's current advancements in her game aside to say one word, Overwhelming. From takedown defense, to the shots of her own, Curran is attacking the wrestling advantage, which seems to be lacking in this particular region. Taking note and stepping up, she has become an obvious standout in that regard. Along with her wrestling, Kailin has also taken the every opportunity to tighten up all other aspects of her game. Literally every time we see her, she has become some new style of She-Hulk.     

The fights take place at UOG Fieldhouse in Guam. Stay logged in to MMAHAWAII.COM for more updates on start time and live stream.


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