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Louis Smolka Seeks Immortality At UFC Fight Night 40 E-mail
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By: King Eddie
louis_smolka_ufc_fightnight40_mmahawaiiIt's certainly hard to follow up on all of the press that Louis Smolka has been getting in the lead up to his second appearance in the UFC at Fight Night 40, but here in Hawaii we aren't just getting to know that psychotic Samurai. He's been a fan favorite here for quite some time already.  On Saturday, he steps into the cage against tough UFC veteran, Chris Cariaso, who boasts an impressive 16-5 MMA and 6-3 UFC record. But will Cariaso be ready for the enigma that is Louis Smolka? A safe bet would be no. How could he be?
Though the fighter we see today is a new man, we've all been front and center for the career of young Smolka. Witnessing his evolution in the cage has been a sight to see, especially considering how quickly he advances in so few fights.  But it's his furious style of kill or be killed that made him a fan favorite early in his career. And it may very well be exactly what makes him successful on the highest level of the sport. Many fighters lose their fire for the finish and instead play it safe after reaching the UFC, but Louis doesn't fit that profile. He's said it a million times, and each time his resolves seems even more fierce. . . he will die in the cage on his quest for the title if he has to.
If there is one thing you can say about Louis it's probably that he's crazy. And if there is another, equally as obvious trait, it's that he has heart for days. Even unconcious, the man will fight on. Whether he's rocked or locked, Louis Smolka is going to find a way to end the fight. For Chris Cariaso's sake, let's hope this isn't news to him. 
Louis' preparation for this fight has been unlike any other previous training camp. He is now firmly aligned with Hawaii Elite MMA and has changed up his regimen as a result. Members of the team, including Smolka, even recently went on an excursion into the isolated wilderness of the Big Island in order to focus on training alongside none other than BJ Penn. Even with what little Cariaso knew of Louis leading up to this fight, he likely knows even less now that Louis has been changing up his routine. 
"He's (Charles Kipilii Jr.) has been free to get really creative lately. It's really benefited up as a team."
Boasting an amazing size for the UFC Flyweight Division, Louis may prove to be problematic for any and everyone. His length and striking make him hard to close in on, while his completely unique style on the ground make him nearly impossible to prepare for. Along with his physical attributes, Smolka is picking up the mental stability along the way as well. ( Well at least with his fighter mindset anyway.)
"I know I belong in the UFC now. I didn't really feel that way the first time, but now it's just not even a question anymore. I know I belong here and I'm gonna prove it."
When Louis Smolka steps into the UFC Octagon on Saturday night he will still be the boy that we've watched grow into a manchild (LOL). But the fighter we witness will be of an all new design. Dedicating his days and nights, blood, sweat and tears to the sport of MMA have done well for Louis. But now that he's finally given himself to his destiny, Mind, Body, and Soul, there is no limits to the heights he can reach. Though it may all seem like a dream to him now, it is the makings of legend for Hawaii fans. 
"My biggest motivator is my dream of being the best in the world. I dream to be the guy that breaks records. I want to become a legend. Like becoming immortal." 
Watch Louis "Da Last Samurai" Smolka take to the Octagon tomorrow on the main card of UFC Fight Night 40 on Fox Sports 1. Good luck Louis. We are all very proud of you!


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