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Doane Draws Main Card Duties For UFC 175 E-mail
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By: King Eddie   

10462675_10201799743349731_5766008002925357787_nTomorow night in Las Vegas, at UFC 175, Russell Doane will enter the cage for the second time in his UFC career and he will do it on the main card of one of the biggest shows of the year. Well deserved, say us, the people of Hawaii. But the rest of the world is still scratching their heads. How does this guy trump Urijah Faber? Well, I'm sure Russ will answer that question tomorrow night when he takes on Marcus Brimage in a Bantamweight bout that is the Darkhorse for FOTN.

What makes Russ so special? That's a VERY simple question to answer. . . Dedication. Russell Doane is dedicated to his craft the way that addicts are dedicated to their vice. No matter what he does, no matter where he is, and no matter how much it hurts, Russell Doane grinds on. Having become a fairly popular word in our sport, Grind is somewhat the battle cry of Doane. Though long used to describe the struggles of chasing your dream, it is in this reporters opinion that the term was created specifically to describe Russell Doane. The man is a rock. He's as solid as they come. And though nearly immovable already, he still locates his rough edges and "grinds" until they are smooth and seamless. He embraces the grind. He respects the grind. And he never tries to lie to it. Each day Doane puts in the work that makes him hurt so that in his fight he doesn't have to.    

For this particular training camp, Doane experienced something new.     

"I got beat up. Like, this whole camp I've just been getting beaten up."   

Now one of the originating members of Hawaii Elite MMA, Russ and his posse have been trading pain and nifty tricks. Working with some of the cream of the cream, Russell can both lead and follow while the team collectively gets stronger.    

For this particular fight, Russ is facing a mini beast named Brimage that has a tendency to lure his opponents into a brawl. Though holding massive power in his right hand, Russ is best when technical is the name of the game. Though always dangerous, Marcus Brimage has several holes in his game, and is fighting at a new weight. As we know of Doane, he will exploit them.    

Hype, Hoopla, He Said, and She Said can all be kicked out the door for this one, ladies and gentlemen. Because when the cage door closes tomorrow night there is nothing standing between Russ and his opponent aside from air and opportunity. And when have we ever known Russ to pass on opportunity?


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